Tailed Jay Butterfly

Green Spotted Triangle Butterfly or Graphium Agamemnon.

Aphoto of  a tailed Jay butterfly taken in Bhubaneshwar,  Orissa, India, in November 2008.A native of Australasia, it also can be seen in countries from India to New Zealand.  It flits swiftly between flowers rarely resting but when it does settle its black wings and many green spots offer effective camouflage amongst the greenery, making it a challenge for the would be photographer to capture its fascinating shape and colouring. It is also known as a Green spotted triangle butterfly.  Apparently a common butterfly in Australasia it is a smaller member of the Papilionidae family and its  first description was provided by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish medical practitioner and botanist  as long ago as 1758.

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  1. Tina Says...

    On October 10, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    What a lovely pic Sylvia. I am alright and doing fine. Just got back from a great holiday in Turkey…the snake…no idea..it definitely was a biggggg one:-). Hope you are doing fine. Tina

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