Structure and Function of The Stomach

Structure and function of the stomach.

The belly is the aliment accumulator agency in the animal gastro-intestinal system. It is amid in the larboard high division of the abdomen, beneath the diaphragm. The agency somewhat resembles the English letter ‘J’ and has two openings at either end. AT the top, it is affiliated with the esophagus and to the bottom; it opens to duodenum-the aboriginal allotment of the baby intestine.

# Lower Esophageal Sphincter

The aperture amid esophagus and belly is attentive by a sphincter. This works as a physiological sphincter and is fabricated up of several factors. Aboriginal there are the bland anatomy of the esophagus. Afresh there is the appropriate crus of the diaphragm which hooks about the esophagus. Afresh there is the angled bend amid the two organs and additionally the angled fibers of stomach, which completes this physiological sphincter into a alive one.

Lower esophageal sphincter can become abortive in two ways. It may become either too attenuated or too relaxed. Back the sphincter is too airy it is alleged Gastro Esophageal Reflex Disease, which is absolutely common. Afresh the belly capacity escape into esophagus and the acids can calmly accident the bank of esophagus. This can account cardiac burn, ulcers and stricter formation. The attenuated anatomy of dysfunction is alleged Achalasia Cardia breadth burning is broken and leads to development of an continued esophagus alleged mega-esophagus.

# Pyloric Sphincter

The lower aperture of the belly is attentive by the pyloric sphincter. Unlike the antecedent sphincter this is an anatomical sphincter as able-bodied as a physiological one. There are cardinal of factors which forms this sphincter a admired one. First, this is the anchorage which releases chyme-the capacity of stomach-to the baby intestine. If the bell was accustomed to be appear in a beyond volume, afresh the belly would not be able to do all the assimilation and absorption.

# Anatomy of Stomach

Stomach is a able-bodied bag which is fabricated up of bland beef and additionally affiliation tissue. It can be beefy to accompany food. The anatomy can afresh be disconnected into anatomical and histological structures. Histology is what we see beneath a microscope. Anatomy is what we see with our naked eye.

# Anatomical Structure

Anatomically, the belly can be disconnected into bristles parts. The allotment anon abutting to the lower esophageal sphincter is the cardia. And afresh there is the fundus. These two areas anatomy the high allotment of the stomach. Afresh the average allotment is fabricated up of the anatomy and the anatomy ends in the pyloric and antrum areas. Pylorus is the best abroad allotment of the belly which lies abutting to the pyloric sphincter.

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