Strange, Almost Extinct Animals: Unseen (Continued)

Continuation of my last article( ). More strange endangered animals.

1. Leaping Lesibian Lizard

It’s kind of funny why that is their name. They are technically all lesbians. Every one of these lizards are only female, however they can still and do reproduce.

2. The Kiwi

Honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen. It is a flightless bird too which makes it seem even cuter, however its not temperment is not as cute as it looks. It is actually quite violent, they tend to have fiesty relationships witht their mate as well, with the female dominating the male. This bird acts more like a dog in the case where it can smell threats and prey around it, it lifts its beak in the air and smells in the wind much like a dog does with it’s nose.

3. Olm

This amphibian is pretty crazy. It is blind and lives to 100, while it can go for 10 years at a time without eating. It is found in the subterranean waters of Italy and Croatia. Locals says it is disgusting because it has “human like skin.” It has even been nicknamed the “human fish.”

4. Dugong

This is by far the weirdest animal I have ever seen. It looks and the name of it sounds like a Pokemon. It is a cousin of the manatee and closely related to the elephant. Thought to be the inspiration for many ancient myths about mermaids.

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