“Slumdog Brazilian” Most Venomous in The World

Until now, researchers were able to identify about 40,000 species of spiders classified into 109 families. Being extremely interesting, with considerable experience on Earth, spiders have always fascinated and continues to fascinate people and today. Of particular interest are species of spiders enjoy potentially dangerous to humans. Between all these genres, emerges from the multitude of deadly arachnids spiders of the genus Phoneutria, and among them stands Phoneutria Potiphera terrible – the most venomous spider in the world.

   When death is under 5 inches …

Phoneutria nigriventer or Brazilian hobo spider, as the fans called arachnids, is the most dangerous and poisonous spider on earth. Yes, we know we mentioned this, but the spider in question is potentially lethal so scary that this aspect should be mentioned as often among all articles that deal.

In fact, none of the 8 species of spider of the genus Phoneutria (the name inspired! – means killer in Greek) is not suitable for pet shops or private collections of fans of arachnids. Brazilian tramp any accidental escape can turn into a tragedy, or even more, given the aggressiveness of these native species.

Somehow improperly called homeless “Brazilian” Phoneutria spiders live throughout the tropics of Central and South America. All the information for fans, spiders belong to the family Ctenidae stray and homeless names were pulled from their habits. Vagrants Brazilians are particularly active at night, when, unlike other spiders stretching their webs and wait patiently to drop prey, they roam the land in search  tireless victims.

During the day the spider genus Phoneutria hiding inside termite mounds, under fallen trees or rocks truncheon. One species, Phoneutria nigriventer , is feared for his habit to frequent places dark and damp, located near human settlements. Is also known as the “banana spider” under its habits to hide in bunches of bananas.
Cumpliţii representatives of the genus Phoneutria are like tarantulas, despite the temptation to resemble giant hairy spiders.

On the contrary, their appearance is relatively modest compared to the potential death to be submitted. Tarantulas are generally for people inoffensive are ambush hunters, unlike Brazil, which follow their bums and “run” on its prey.

Body length ranges of these spiders între17-48 mm and can reach 13-15 feet scale inches. For fans, it is worth noting that the spiders Phoneutria are easily confused with those of the genus Cupiennius , both types showing reddish hairs on the abdomen. Brazilian vagabonds eight eyes, like most arachnids, of which two are larger than the rest. Have hairy legs and strong, and their chelicerele completed in “fangs” host glands containing one of the most toxic venom’s present in the animal world.

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