Six Ways Nature Has Taught Humanity

This article is about wisdom learned from nature. It explains how six aspects of nature are responsible for the bulk of man’s knowledge today, from the study of animals to astronomy.

Plants- plants are the most cherished components of nature. They are used to decorate the interior and exterior of our houses as well as gardens in our back yard. They provide oxygen. For many of us who loves raising plants,   they are dear friends that speak and listen to us. But most of all, we have learned that we need plants in order to survive. Plants provide nutrition and medicine for us.

Without proper nutrition the body cannot function. The human body must have a certain amount of plant food in order to maintain health and wholeness. In plants we find vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. For hundreds of years, certain plants have been used for alternative medicines. Garlic helps attack free radicals that are responsible for cancel in the body. Carrots help keep the eyes strong and sharp. Cranberries are good for the urinary system, killing a number of bacteria and diseases. In the medical field, many modern day medicines also are made with various plant properties. All in all, the whole of creation is dependent on plants in some way. Animals cannot exist if there are no plants to consume and if plants and animals cannot exist, there can be no food available for humanity.

Weather- the weather offers us a great deal of wisdom. When clouds form and begin to darken, we know that something ominous is on the way and we take cover. Also the weather has taught us to recognize seasonal changes. When flowers begin to bloom, we know that spring and summer is near.  When trees begin to change into their beautiful fall colors, we know that autumn and winter is near.

Also we have also discovered that weather affects our emotions. Pleasant weather helps us to smile more easily than unpleasant weather. When the sun is shining s upon our face, we may go to the park for a picnic or to the beach for a swim. When we are blasted by winter’s coldness, we seek shelter in our home by the fireplace or snuggle up underneath a warm blanket in our bed.

But nature does not always give us pleasant lessons. Many times nature confronts us with dangerous weather such as hurricane Katrina and tornadoes that devastate the Midwest, hundreds if not thousands within their path.   We learn that it is unwise to ignore danger. We also learn to appreciate life and those who we love. We realize that life is unpredictable and that we cannot always prevent the unthinkable. We are therefore watchful.

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