Roaches Essential for Ecosystem

Roaches essential for ecosystem.

You hate them, scream when you see one, stamp on them, but they are essential for maintaining the balance in the ecosystem.

A study has shown that to maintain the ecosystem, cockroaches play an important role in sustaining life on the planet. It’s disappearance would break the nitrogen circle.

Cockroaches live in the most unhygenic places and can lead to many diseases, so it is so wonder that people would run after them to kill them. But Srini Kambhampati, an Indian-origin professor  says that cockroaches feed on decaying organic matter in which nitrogen is trapped. While feeding they release the nitrogen which is then absorbed by the soil and used by plants. Extinction of cockroaches would have a huge impact on the forect health and so on the ecosystem.

Many birds and small mammals feed on cockroaches and so they are an important part of the food cycle too.

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