Ragnarok Online Bio Labs Guide!

How to kill an bio mvp All steps inside! (Ragnarok Online).

Guide to Biolabs

Okay~ here is my guide for Biolab. Sorry for any bad English/mistake D; IT TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE! I WAS UP TO LIKE 6AM and continue the next morning!! Now it is 3pm next day! APPRECIATE Twisted Evil OK. I will try to go over each class and job the best I can, though my usual class for Biolab is bomber, I have at least 10 runs experience each class. I am not so good at instruct or lead also, so forgive me ^^

Before I start though, it is important to read the full guide. I know, it is disgustingly long~ but Biolabs require everyone to move and work as a group, which means you have to not only understand your own job, but also the jobs of the players working around you. Biolabs is 95% team work, moving and surviving, and 5% killing mvp. (at least skim the other classes XD)

There will be 3 parts to the guide, and 1 extra section at the end:

Part 1) General
- This will deal with the rules of biolab and common sense, which you would be surprised how many people don’t know. It also includes information on mobs and what you can/can’t do to them, and how to move as a group

Part 2)Class Specific
- This will deal with the jobs of specific classes, gears, items to bring, stats, etc… Don’t just read the guide for your own class, read for all

Part 3) MvP Killing
- Because there are different MvPs, different method and classes is required for each. This section will go over the general strategy for luring, ledging and killing, and the specific strategy for individual MvPs

Part 3) Extra Screenshots and Video Reference
- Added extra section to outline setup and demonstrate moving better… I will add to this if ask for videos on things like luring/playing stalker, Teleporting using clown, etc…

Okay, I begin ^_^ please be nice in comment, I haven’t done Biolab for about 1 year as I was stuck at hospital for 1 year… if I am missing any point, add comment or contact in game and I will update here. Thanks ^^

General Overview


The most important part of Biolabs is team work. On MvPs like Valk, Beelze, and SM, I see some people who push the limit to try to earn the MvP or get in one last Double Strafe/Asura and take unnecessary risks. This is something you have to avoid at all cost for Biolab. Everyone has to stick to their job. There should be no “playing hero” and no competing amongst ourselves. There has to be a single leader for the party, who commands everyone and is there to remind them of their jobs. Here are some general, common sense rules for biolabs. Maybe some seem very obvious, but from what I saw when we went Biolabs, many do not know the basics. So I will begin from square one, with the 8 magical rules for success in Biolabs!

1. Ventrilo is a must
2. If the party wipes and you are a Stalker, High Priest or if your character is in a bad position for resurrection, RESPAWN IMMEDIATELY and walk back.
3. There must be dualed buffers in town. One high priest, and one linker, and they must be paying attention to party chat/vent when asked for buffs
4. Everyone must be carrying Ygg Leafs, SP items, Green Potions/RJ/Panacea, and all characters must have either Refined Fly Wing or Teleport
5. Absolutely no afking, and everyone must be paying full attention at all times – mob spawning inside of the party can and will happen so you must be ready always. Biolab mobs move fast and spawn often, so you must be constantly ready
6. No luring back on to party. If a mob is chasing you and you are out of place, die or teleport instead of risk killing party
7. No mobbing level 3 portal. When this happens, it costs a LOT of time to fix because a teleporter or a lurer must go back to clear. Imagine your party wipes, you are a High Wizard or Professor and you are walking back, but the portal has 50 level 2 mobs on it Sad Don’t drag mobs to the center. If you are being followed, drop the mob as best you can to side, before trying to get to level 3
8. Stay off the wizard’s screen when moving. His job is the most important of Biolabs, and he stays in front (with devo) when moving. When he teleports Snipers is where many party fail, as Cecil is ranged, if you can see her she can see you, and she will not teleport

For a Biolab party to succeed, all of these rules must be followed. So, memorize them before reading on!!!


Here is some quick information on the mobs of Biolabs that you should know, especially as a teleporting/clearing class (High Wiz, Stalker, Creator, pay attention!). Again, some may seem obvious, but we are taking baby steps~ ^_^

1) Mini bosses cannot be teleported, and must be killed or lured away
2) High Wizard Katrinn is Ghost property, you cannot AD her unless she is frozen by SG; leave her to wiz, sniper and prof
3) Lord Knight and Assassin Cross can detect hidden players, so Cloaking, Hiding and Chase Walk will not save you from them unless you have loyal Smokie pet
4) Lord Knight is Fire property, and cannot be teleported with Meteor Shower or Magnum Break (teleporting methods are later on)
5) Sniper Cecil is Wind property, and since LoV will be one of the main method of teleporting mobs, she must be teleported by other means (MS, SG, Spider web+heavens drive, etc…)
6) Upon reaching the ledge, do not kill any normal mobs. They will respawn and attack when you are killing mvp. All ledge mobs must be TELEPORTED, and minis must be lured


Knowing the area is very important to functioning as a group in Biolabs. Just like how we use clock direction as a general method for sharing information on other MvPs, Biolabs has it’s own specific areas and names that you should become familiar with. This is not mandatory, but I will include this section because saying “its up and left a bit from middle, in that second part that sticks up underneath the blah blah blah” take a lot longer than “its in the left shoulder”.

This is the map of Biolabs 3.

If you notice, it looks kind of like a…something. Maybe a turtle, I dunno. Anyways, it has a face, arms and legs, etc. So, an easy way to refer to the different points is using the body parts

Red Dots – the “ears” and “face”. The narrow area under the face is the “neck”
Green Dots – the left and right “hands”
Yellow Dots – anywhere along here are the left and right “shoulder”
Purple Dots – we just call these left or right room
Light Blue Dots – the left and right “feet”
Pink Dot – the “tail”

The scouts and Stalkers will use this to indicate location, as MvP is usually in one of the ears, face, neck, or one of the hands/feet. Besides this, the general clock indicator can be used also

There are 4 ledges in Biolabs, and only three of them can be used.

The bottom right cannot be used, because it is 2 cells wide, which leaves 1 cell open for the MvP to recall its mob on.

The bottom left, and both top ledges can be used, because they are only 1 cell wide.


Moving in Biolabs requires the High Wizard in front, rest of the party at least 5-6 cells behind with Pneuma on. The High Wiz will lead and move mobs with Devo. Everyone else is support for him/her. The only class not following the HW are the Stalkers, who he will let in and out of Icewall if need. Pneuma must always be on, Devo must always be on, and priests must always be paying full attention!

Okay, that’s it for the general section.. it is 4:30 am and I am only this far! I will update later if need >.< moving on

Class Specific

Before I get into the specific classes/jobs, I will list the characters needed for biolabs. The (mandatory) are classes we require at all times, (sometimes) beside some classes indicate that they are required only for specific MvPs, and the (optional) are classes we dont need but that are nice to have. We do not need useless characters such as SinX, Lord Knight, or Sniper(unless High Wizard MvP). The less people to look after, the more likely we stay alive, so no bringing useless classes please!

Classes usually used in Biolabs:
- 2-3 High Priest (mandatory)
- 1 Steel Body Champion (sometimes)
- 1 Devotion Paladin (mandatory)
- 1-3 Stalkers (mandatory)
- 1-2 Creators (mandatory)
- 1-2 High Wizard (mandatory)
- 1 Professor (sometimes/optional)
- 1 Clown (mandatory)
- 1 Gypsy (optional)
- 1 Linker (sometimes/optional)
- 1 Sniper (sometimes)

Required equipment for ALL classes:
- Unfrozen (Marc) Armor
- Immune (Raydric) Garment [or other -%damage card/gear]
- Cranial (Thara Frog) Shield
- Feather Beret, Beret, or Poo Hat
- Uninterruptable cast card/gear for HW, HP and Creo (Phen Card, Orlean Uniform, etc…)
- Guard (frilldora card) Garment for cloaking – optional item you can get, it helps a lot! Thanks Andy for reminding me to add cyclops

Okay, that being said, I will move on to specific guides for each class. IT GETS VERY LONG HERE!! Sorry guys ^_^ I just want to make sure this is full guide, not missing parts. Again, some seem obvious maybe but I have to include even the obvious points >.

High Priest
Your job: Staying alive, Buffing, Ressing, Pneuma, Heals
Skills required: Redemptio is a MUST, Status Recovery, Resurrection level 4, Pneuma, Sanctuary level 7+, Lex Aeterna, Safety Wall level 10
Your stats: High VIT (aim for 12k Max HP or 100 vit with bonus) and DEX (90+ dex), the rest INT
Bring: 150+ blue gems, 25 green potion
Specific gear: none. Optional to get a marine sphere clip to magnum break along the edges and teleport mobs.

Your job is to have constant Pneuma on the Wizard and rest of the party. One HP should be dedicated to following ONLY the HW for Pneuma, Res and buffs/heals. At the ledge, your job is Redemptio the Stalkers who are luring and clearing. You will also be scouting, if the MVP teleports or if we lose track of the MVP. When the MVP is in place, your jobs will be healing/sanc the Paladin, Safety Wall the tanker, Pneuma the party(for sniper/sinx MVP), Lexing the MVP, and Ressing the tanker. When the MVP is ready to be killed, you first Safety Wall the tanker, then Resurrect, then Assumptio

Steel Body Champion
Your job: Tanking the MVP with Steel Body
Skills Required: Dangerous Soul Collect, Steel Body (obviously)
Your stats: Full VIT/DEX (99 each)
Bring: SP Items, a few pots, Green Potions
Specific gear: Water Armor (swordfish card) for tanking the High Wizard MVP, Alice Carded shield

Most MVP do not require a SB Champ to tank, but it is better than Stalker. Your job is to get on to the last cell of the designated ledge and either die or log out. You only need to be there when the MVP is walled in. You will be resurrected when the party is ready, then Safety walled, and Assumptio’d… Summon sphere and steel body, Devo’d and then just stand there Smile A fast Soul Collect is important, which is why you need full dex

Devotion Paladin
Your Job: Devo the High Wizard when moving. Devo the Stalkers when clearing. Devo the tank when killing.
Skills required: Devotion level 5, Autoguard level 10, Defender level 10, Endure level 10
Your stats: 99 VIT, 99 DEX, 25 STR or INT
Bring: SP Items, White/Slim White potions, Ygg Leafs, Green Potions
Specific gear: none

Your job is to walk behind the Wizard(s) wherever they go and keep them devo’d. You should also devo the High Priests when moving. When you reach the designated ledge and begin clearing the floor and stairs to lure the MVP, your job is to devo the Stalkers as they run up and down stairs to clear the floor (you will die a lot). When the MVP is ledged, your job is to spam devo inside the Bragi on the tanker until it casts, and to keep him devo’d. You CANNOT turn on reflect shield, or you risk teleporting the MVP. Turn on Defender only when you begin doing Sniper or Sinx mvp.

Your Job: Teleporting and luring mobs, Luring and ledging MVP, Tanking MVP
Skills required: Chase Walk level 5, Tunnel Drive level 5, Hiding level 10, Intimidate level 5, Back Sliding
Your Stats: There are 2 main builds for bio lure/clearing on stalker- VIT (99 vit, 99 dex); and flee (99 agi, 99 dex, 25 luk or vit)
Bring: Refined Flywing, Ygg Leafs, White potions, Butterfly Wings, SP items, Green Potions
Specific gear: Water Armor (Swordfish Card) for HW mvp, and a VVVS weapon for hitting mobs

You have the hardest job in Biolabs. You work apart from the main party, and so has to carry all survival items (hp, sp items) on you at all times. You will die a lot Smile Your job is running ahead of the party and intimidating mobs (especially snipers), also intimidating problem mobs that spawn within the party, and keeping the back of the party safe when they are killing the MVP. Make sure you have Rogue link and buffs at town – you will be running back and forth a lot. In the beginning, you will be luring the level 2 mobs away from the portal to make it easier for the other members. In level 3, you will teleport around to scout the MVP. Use Chase Walk and Tunnel Drive, and get a loyal Smokie pet for perfect hide. Your job is also to lure minis away by taking them down stairs or far enough away that they wont move back. When the party is setting up, one of the stalkers job will be to head up and down the stairs to clear the floor that the MVP has to be lured across. They will do this with Devotion and Redemptio for when you die. When the MvP is found, your job is to lure it towards the party. You do this by teleporting or chase walking up to it, facing it, then backsliding. It takes practice, you have to backslide at just the right speed, and sometimes step forward or change direction and then continue back sliding. Hotkey /bangbang, because when you lure the MVP up the stairs you have to hit /bangbang to turn your character and head up the next flight of stairs. You have to do this FAST also, it takes a lot of practicing. Backslide until the MVP is last-celled and walled in. Sometimes you will be tanking, which isn’t hard work, just stand there and dont move ^^. I will try to find/make a video tomorrow just for the stalkers because it is a hard job to explain, and is better shown by an example ^^

Here is your job as Tank, just backslide to the last cell and get walled in. Make sure you do not have Reject Sword on. Bring multiple armors because they can be broken or stripped.


I am not sure how competitive the Bio mvping is on this server, so I will go a bit more in-depth on Creator… as it was my main ^^ I want to make sure our killers are out-doing any competition we might have

Your job: Killing minis, teleporting mobs, killing problem mobs, bombing MVP, pitching blue potions, Pre-bombing the MVP
Skills required: Acid Demonstration, Potion pitch
Your stats: Go for ASPD bombing. 145-150 total DEX, 140+ INT, 186+ ASPD. There are some items I should outline to accomplish this ^_^ I will write it below.
Bring: 150+ AD bottles, Slim whites, Fat whites, Green pots, Ygg Leafs, Refined Fly Wing, Blue pots, and (optional) INT, DEX and/or AGI food for competing, berserk pots
Specific gear: Frilldora card and a loyal smokie for cloaking around. Get good at this! No weapon, Thorny+HotB combo (try for +9/10 Thorny and Despero card), Orlean Glove(or linen)+Zerom

You have to work with your team. If you don’t do this, you will be just like every other bomber trying to do bio. You are not only a killer, you are an important support member. Bring fat and slim whites for pitching, and blue pots for sp, yggs for ressing. Your job is to:

- kill minis that cannot be teleported
- kill mobs that come through ice walls or spawn on the party
- if other members are preoccupied you must also teleport mobs outside of ice walls
- damage dealer for all MVP except High Wizard MVP
The most important thing to know is when to bomb. Devo must be on, walls up, songs on, pneumas up, and wait for an OK from the party leader before you bomb or you will risk teleporting the MVP. Effects must be on so you can see if devo goes off, you MUST STOP BOMBING immediately. A teleported MVP will cost 20min-1hour to lure and re-ledge. Follow directions, don’t compete amongst yourselves if there is more than one creator in party. Start when told and stop when told. When everyone is ready, pop any food, zerk potions, have the clown flash bragi and sinx song, and then spam AD like mad.

Helping to clear problem mobs:

Bombing the MVP. ONLY when fully set up, listen carefully and read chat.

Pre-bombing requires you to teleport around the map alone, find the MVP and try to get in a few ADs. Do this only if you are told to by party leader, because a) it can teleport the MVP, and b) you only really need this when you will be competing against another guild. I’ll make a video for this too, cuz I have no screens of it lol.. if I screened during pre-bombing I would have gotten owned Rolling Eyes

Stats: I was main bomber for almost ever Biolab party, and although the “cookie cutter” stats was what I mentioned above, you can definitely play around with it to find what suits you. These stat build were what I used for competing. It allow me to carry items, out damage, +aspd, overall survive and win for our team ^^ and, my guild leader didn’t know I changed his build but at level 93 I was out damaging him. If you find builds which work better, please use and experiment to find a suitable build. Don’t just be sheep and listen to the guide 10000%!

High Wizard
Your job: Teleporting mobs, walling the MVP, protecting the party
Skills required: Lord of Vermillion, Sightrasher, Ice wall level 10, Storm Gust, Safety Wall (optional, but helps), Jupitel Thunder, Quagmire, Heaven’s Drive
Your stats: Stats are not so specialized for high wiz. If you play HW for other mvps, just leave the same stats. You need high DEX and fast cast, some VIT, and INT
Bring: Ygg leafs, some SP items, Blue Gems (for safety wall), Green Pots
Specific Gear: Hiding clip/accessory (required)

Your job is teleporting the mobs. You do this by ice walling and casting LOV, Heavens Drive or Storm Gust on mobs outside the wall to rude teleport them. You will be leading the main party, walking in the front. You have to protect the party completely, which means full ice walls in front, and behind, and along any side paths. As you move forward, destroy walls in front and re-wall all sides of the party. For snipers, use heavens drive, storm gust or meteor shower (if you have MS) and then hide so the mob can’t see you. You can use Ice wall and Sightrasher on the stairs and along the edges to teleport mobs. Also! You may have to lure the MVP. You do this by NOT icewalling when the MVP is on the stairs, and then casting Sightrasher to hit the MVP. It will run up the stairs in angry mode to come kill you. But at least you moved it up, which is the important part. Then a stalker will take over for you and ledge it.

Walling for the lurer:

The blue blocks are where to ice wall when luring. The mvp will be lured either from up the stairs, or from behind along the skinny side of the wall (the yellow arrow, sorry for my paint skills XD) Immediately after the MVP is on the ledge, advance ice wall and push it back to last cell with the help of the stalker. When the MVP is last-celled, place ice walls below to block off the other stairs.

Your job: Webbing, Heaven’s driving to teleport mobs, Give SP (especially to Priest after redemptio), Land protector, Safety Wall
Skills required: Spider Web, Land Protector level 3+, Soul Exchange, Safety Wall, Heaven’s Drive
Your stats: High VIT (aim for 10k+ HP or 100 total VIT with bonuses), High DEX (95+ base DEX + Dex gear), some INT
Bring: YGG LEAFS! For some reason, Prof seems to live when party wipes. Bring 15+ yggs to res with. Spiderwebs (100+), Blue Gems for Safety Wall. Refined Fly Wing. Green Potions, a few SP item in case you are overweight and hit 0 sp.
Specific Gear: none really, but as playing Professor in Biolab I liked to use Combat Knife (if you have it), or use a +8 or more Survivor’s set (+8-10 Survivor Manteau, +8-10 Dex Survivors Rod), Variant Shoes. Keep Energy Coat on

You just be a prof, do what you normal proffy things. Give SP, Web and Teleport mobs with Heaven’s Drive. That’s all really. When we are doing the High Wizard MVP is the only time prof is REQUIRED, and not just optional. During the High Wiz MVP, your job is to Land Protector on the party so the MVP does not cast any area skill on us.

This is the area you LP on (sorry for my grf the LP does not show up so well with so many auras on it, so I outlined it in red >.>)

Your job: Flashing songs (Bragi, Sinx song, sometimes Apples, Dissonance), Teleporting mobs, Luring MVP, Teleporting MVP if it is in a bad position.
Skills Required: Bragi, Assassin Cross of Sunset, Apple of Idun (optional), Dissonance
Your stats: 99 DEX, 99 INT, 25 VIT; or substitute some DEX for higher VIT (something like, 95 INT, 90 DEX, rest VIT)
Bring: SP ITEMS! (Alot), Refined Fly Wing, Green Potions, Ygg leafs
Specific gear: Spirited guitar might be a good idea for the ASPD to flash songs faster. Bring two, hotkey same place, and hit between songs. That or triple vital Cello[3]’s.

Alright, Clown is probably IMO the funnest class to play for Biolabs! (if you are an active clown, not dualed ^_^) You get to do a lot more than just autofollow and play Bragi here. While your MAIN job is to follow the Wiz and bragi, you have a very nice skill with a wide range that allow you to reach mobs through walls, around corners, over the sides of edges, and down staircases: Dissonance! Use this skill a lot here to teleport many mobs when you get the chance. HOWEVER, you must be careful with this skill, because if used without Icewall it will lure mobs up stairs, around corners, and even glitch them to jump over walls to come after you and rip your face off clown So, work together with the HW to maneuver! At the ledge, Teleport mobs by running near the side and dissonance to hit mobs on the floor below. Be careful not to hit the MVP if it is there, or it will teleport. Sometimes, you may be asked to drag the MVP up the stairs by running down and hitting it without Icewall using Dissonance. This will make it aggro on you and it will run up the stairs. Don’t do this unless you are told to though.

Another BIG job for Clown is teleporting the MVP, especially if it is in the “head” of the map. You do this by teleporting alongside the walls in the head and Dissonancing the MVP through the wall. You can also use Dissonance right on top of it and die, or Arrow Vulcan and die (AV continues casting after death, so it can teleport the MVP). Tarot Card can also be useful for the mobs here.

I don’t have a video but I have some sequenced pictures from when me and 2 friends were about to do the Bio3 MVP by mass dualing characters. It is useful for the clown to run ahead when you are using low amount of member (3-5 people dualing many characters), because instead of having to lure with stalkers (laggy when yo have 4-5 clients open), you can just teleport to mvp and hit 1 button. This took about the same amount of time to get it near a ledge as it would for a Stalker, but with only having to press Encore ^_^ check the time stamps for an idea of time

1) MVP is in head, you teleport mobs until get a clear shot at MVP, then teleport MVP (I actually used arrow vulcan to teleport it here.)

2) MVP is in the right shoulder a few teleports later.

3) MVP is very near to the top right ledge, ready to be lured even by a laggy Stalker!

If request, I can make a video on this.

Your job: SP song, Slow Grace, Wink of Charm (quest skill), Tarot
Skills required: Service for You, Slow Grace, Wink of Charm and Tarot card of Fate
Your stats: 99 INT, 99 DEX, 25 AGI or VIT (I like Agi for gypsy for the slow grace) Or, like with clown, drop the main stats a bit (something like 90 dex, 95 int, the rest to AGI or VIT)
Bring: SP items, Ygg leafs, Refined Fly Wing, Green Potions
Specific gear: none

Gypsy is an often overlooked class for Biolab, because many guilds do not have a person who mains a Gypsy. I was fortunate that my guild had a girl who mained Gypsy on every freaking server we went to ^_^ and ONLY Gypsy. We were lucky, most Gypsy in Biolabs are dualed like bragi. However, just in case someone would want to play an active Gypsy for Biolabs (will save our asses!) While your main job is to do Service for you on the High Wiz and HPs, and to flash Slow Grace on mobs, Gypsy have this awesome skill called Wink of Charm (quest skill)

Wink of Charm:
Charm a target by sending them a sexy wink. For those 10 seconds, the target monster will not attack you.
The higher your level is when compared to the monster, the higher the chance of this skill working.
If this skill is used on a player, it has low chance of causing the ‘Confusion’ status ailment.
This skill only works on DemiHuman, Angel and Demon type monsters and, obviously, does not work against Boss monsters.

This means, a full 10 seconds immunity from a mob- that is a LONG time for the HW, Prof, Stalker or Clown to teleport such a mob, or for a Creator to kill it! I will post a video later if I can find it of how to play Gypsy in biolabs. Basically, you SP song, flash Slow grace, Tarot, Wink, SP song, Tarot, Wink, Wink, SP song, Wink, Slow Grace, Wink, Wink, etc. Wink is an awesome skill for Biolabs.

Gears/Hotkey: *note* this was on a server which Battlegraound equip were functioning outside of WoE/BG. I prefer Heavy (horn card= -35% from Long Range attacks) rather than a Cranial for Clown/Gypsy at Biolabs. You are a class that hangs back and wont get hit much directly, so range reduc is better. Substitute the armor, garment and shoes~ Immune Wool/Matyr Tidal and an Unfrozen armor are fine. Remember to carry/hotkey double of the same weapon (prefer tri-fabre unbalance rope) so you can flash songs. Bow is to go from rope + shield -> bow -> shield + no weapon so you can spam scream (only if party has high vit)

Soul Linker
Your job: Linking, Kaupe spamming, Kaizel
Required skills: Kaupe, Kaizel, Rogue Link, Bard and Dancer Link
Your stats: 9x DEX, 9x VIT, rest INT
Bring: Ygg Leafs, SP items, Refined Flywing, Green Potions
Specific gear: none

Your job is just Linking, Kaupe/Kaizel spamming. Kaupe = dodge one attack completely, Kaizel = Auto-res. Get a Soul Linker link in town each time you come. Soul linker is not required for any party but it does help. One time you might (arguably) need a linker is for the Lord Knight MVP, who attacks fast and has skills like Spear Boom, Spiral Pierce, 2H Quicken, Stun Attack and Power Up, coupled with high Max HP (1.6mil) that might require a re-devo and re-set up. For the LK MvP it is a linker’s job to spam Kaupe on the tanker to make the Safety wall last longer and leave room for any mistakes. But again, it isn’t necessary. Just a nice thing to have ^^

Your job: Killing the High Wizard MVP
Skills required: Double Strafing
Your Stats: 99 DEX, 99 AGI, 25 of something else (LUK, VIT, INT)
Bring: SP ITEMS. Refined Fly Wing, Ygg Leafs, Immaterial arrows, Shadow arrows, Silver Arrows
Specific Gear: MVP bow

Your job is just to kill the High Wizard MVP. It can be done with other classes, we have used even Clown’s Arrow Vulcan, but for competing Sniper is the best. She changes elements, so pay attention to your damage and have different arrows hotkeyed. Wait for Devo on the tank, the DS like crazy. Do not sharp shoot!! Very easy job. It is the only time a Sniper is needed in Biolabs


On to section 3. Evil or Very Mad


I am going to go over the general points of killing the MVP first, then go over specific points for separate MVPs.

- MVP has to be last celled (standing on the last cell of the ledge) or it will recall mobs that can wipe the party.
- Ice walls must be up at all times.
- Devotion must be on or MVP will teleport (except sniper)
- If using a SB tank, log off or die on last cell and res only when the Stalker has lured.
- Sanc, Pneuma must be on the party.
- Safety Wall must be spammed on the tanker
- Stalkers hang back to protect the back
- Only begin killing when the tank is Devo’d, Icewall is up, and aprty leader says GO.
- One priest dedicated to Lexing ONLY. Lex is VERY important.
- Pneuma must not go down, even for MvPs that don’t range often. If one ice wall goes down, a sniper or sinx may be recalled by the MVP and it can wipe the party, so Pneuma ALWAYS (except for HW MVP because there is LP.)
<< important!

Specific MVP points:

High Priest MVP:
Easy MVP. Just tank, devo and AD.

High Wizard MVP:
Ghost property, cannot be bombed. Requires a Sniper or another Ranged melee class to kill. She changes properties. You also need a Prof for Land Protector on the party. Doesn’t really need Safety wall since she usually skills, not attack. Devo tank and Double Strafe to death. Tank need water armor.

Sniper MVP:
Does not need a tank because she is ranged. Just keep Pneuma and sanc on party, and go ahead and bomb whenever!

Sinx MVP:
Requires a tank. Also uses Grimtooth so keep Pneuma on the party, and has Meteor Assualt that can kill Icewall so spam Icewall. Safety Wall, Devo tank and bomb.

Whitesmith MVP:
Safety Wall, Tank, devo, bomb.

Lord Knight MVP:
Tank, Safety Wall, Kaupe spam, Devo and bomb like mad! Keep lexes up, he takes a bit longer to kill than the others.

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  2. Karuna Says...

    On January 19, 2012 at 5:54 am

    Profs not necessary in Bio 3? GOOD GOD YOU PEOPLE ARE RETARDS. I’m sorry to say, but webbing shit down there even after clearing the ledge area does save lives, because random crap can and WILL show up near the party. Sure, stalker’s a good one for clearing the area, but prof will make keeping the area clean a lot, LOT EASIER. And on LRs, I don’t see people having a whole lot of blue pots and such handy, so a prof for Soul Changing is a MUST there. I mained a prof on a LR and went to couple of Bio 3 MVP runs, because an active prof is always preferred over a slave gypsy. I was FS, so I was able take a few hits with sump and EC on while keeping the annoying crap away from my party.

  3. NotBad Says...

    On December 3, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    Everyone has their own style of playing. Not all is perfect. Instead of the critics and useless bragging, why don’t you share your own experience so that we can discuss the most effective way of mvp’ing…if you have any, that is. :D

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