Pets and Animals Could Make Good Companions

We as a family had a number of pet birds. We fed them seeds and nurtured them. We also had pet fishes and owned a large aquarium.

If you own a pet or animal be sure to take Good care of them.

Our friends own dogs and cats. We have never owned a dog or cat of our own. Although we take Good care of friends’ dogs and cats. They say that the dog is “man’s best friend,” but this sounds too possessive and it doesn’t have to be this way.

We have owned a pet parakeet in the past and welcomed it into our household. We fed it various kinds of sesame seeds. We cared for it dearly. We have also had a pet canary in our household.

We have also had pet fishes and kept them in our aquarium, which is of reasonable size. We feed them grounded up grains and seeds. Some of the pet fishes we’ve had in the past include the Goldfish.

Visiting the zoo you will find many different kinds of animals.

There is the Lion which is noted as being King of the Jungle (no rank). There are also elephants. Their feces is enormous and pigeons for some reason eat their feces. There is also the tiger and the cheetah which is known for its speed, and of course there is the giraffe with its long neck and reach.

In the zoo there is also a place to observe many different kinds of birds. The most popular zoos that you will find here in the states is the San Diego Zoo on the West Coast and the Bronx Zoo on the East Coast.

You could find both dolphins and whales at Sea World. There are many large and spacious aquariums at Sea World allowing fish, dolphins, and whales to live as they would in the wildlife.

Some animals are endangered and do belong in the zoo as opposed to the wildlife because they are protected.

There are variety of different kind of animals out there, but there is nothing like the human animal. There was a song or jingle years back called the “Human Animal.” It went something like: “We are the human animal.” We as human beings should learn to love and respect each other. We should respect each other’s privacy and space yet not be afraid to let each other into our worlds. We all have different perceptions on the world and we should all love and care for each other.

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