Only in America: Colloquial Sayings

Have you ever actually thought about some of the things we say? Things such as a near miss? or True Blue? Here are the literal meanings of these words. Enjoy!

Cat Got Your Tongue?- Cat= feline animal, Tongue= the red thingy in your mouth that enables you to speak, therefore literally means is there a cat on hanging on your tongue. A physical improbability, would be quite funny if someone ever saw it for real though. {Actually means that you are stuttering, having trouble with talking, or just not speaking at all}

Crack The Window(or anything that opens)- Crack= to break, Window= a sheet of glass to let light into a room, therefore means to break a window. NOTE: if someone asks you to crack a window, do NOT break it as they will be extremely mad.{Actually means to open the window just slightly}

Couldn’t Carry A Tune In A Bucket- Tune= (in this case) a song/ melody, Bucket=a roughly cylindrical open container, with a handle, used to carry liquids or other substances (Dictionary), therefore literally means you can not carry a song in a bucket which is sensible. It just can not be done. {Actually means that you can not keep a melody when singing)

Go Jump In A Lake- pretty self-explanitory, literally means to go jump in a lake {Actually means go away}

I Do Declare- Declare= to make a statement, NOTE: Gramatically a statement of what one is declaring should follow (e.g. I Do Declare that it is dinner time) but is always left a fragment when said like this. {Actually means “Really?”}

Near Miss-  near= almost, miss= not hit, therefore meaning “almost not a hit” and therefore insinuating a crash. {Actually means to not hit something, but come close.}

Not Worth a Hoot and a Holler-  Worth= value, Hoot= sound of an owl (evidently a currency too I guess?), holler= a yell(evidently a currency too I guess?), therefore meaning you would not yell or hoot like an owl for something. Its pretty explanatory, but very non-sensical. {Actually means not worth your time}

Stop Pulling My Leg- once again pretty self-explanitory, generally you do not see other pulling peoples’ legs, {Actually means Are You Serious?}

That’s a Hoot-  Hoot= sound of an owl, therefore literally means that “that” is an owl’s hoot {Actually means something is funny/ hilarious}

True Blue- True= honest, for real Blue= the color Blue, therefore literally means someone is actually the color Blue {Actually means Loyal or Faithful} 

Hope You Enjoyed These! Post Some Of The Ones You Have Heard So Others Can Enjoy Them Too!

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