Negative Impact of Antioxidant Supplements

According to the study of antioxidant supplements not only prevent aging, but also damage DNA…

Many believe that antioxidant supplements have many benefits for the body, especially if they are hard to get rich in antioxidant intake. Normally known antioxidants may function to prevent the disease, was a recent study proved that antioxidant supplements can actually damage DNA and kill cells in a healthy person’s body.

As is known, antioxidants serve to protect the body from free radical attack. Vitamin, polyphenol, carotenoids, and minerals as antioxidants, naturally, has a major role in disease prevention by pressing the cell damage that is usually caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules of oxygen is literally a chemical structure change due to environmental activities such as radiation, pollution, and smoking. Free radicals circulating in the body trying to steal the electrons present in other molecules such as DNA and cells. This can damage cells and DNA.

This means that if a lot of free radicals in circulation, is a lot of damaged cells are unstable and thus potentially causing the aging process and the emergence of cancer cells.

According Kyungjae Myung, researchers from the Department of Genetics and Biology at the National Human Genome Research Institute, antioxidant supplements can undoubtedly be useful in cancer treatment, but it can be dangerous if used for the treatment of other diseases, like diabetes.

Many people believe that increased levels of antioxidants in the body, they will be protected from various diseases and stay young. But, according to research by Dr. Myung looked antioxidants would damage DNA cells. However, he said, research is still a first step that needs further research. There are 22 types of antioxidants that have been studied and can damage DNA, including resveratrol, genistein, and baikalein

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