Mountain Silver Back Gorillas

These mountain gorillas are losing their homes because of the selfishness of others.

Thousands of mountain gorillas have been found dead due to the selfishness of those who feel chopping down trees for the making of charcoal is an ideal way making money.  The assailants of the killings of gorillas are unknown, it is no ordinary crime, the gorillas weren’t butchered so no sign of poaching but the home of gorillas what it used to no longer exist for the rest of the silver backs living in Congo and Rwanda.

Rangers have been killed and still no attempt to find the people involved in such crimes.  Illegal charcoal makers are getting rid of the forests to use the wood for charcoal,  because many people depend on it as fuel for their fires and without this they can’t live.

The peaceful creatures don’t know where to go as they live in the forest, and this is causing problems those concerned.  Some animals can do the most amazing things to survive, the desolate forests are looking bae and destroyed.  

As these gorillas eat of the forest and spend their entire life in the wild now it is changing fast. They care for their young and live in their territories.  The male an aggressive one often shows its dominance with its broad shoulders and muscle.

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