Mothers are Great

This article describes what a mother can do for her children.

 I always fight with my mother over trivial matters like clothing, food and in many things we are just opposites.

Recently an incident occurred and it opened my eyes and then I decided that from now onwards I will not fight with my mom. I am living in an area which has lots of snakes around. In order to keep the snakes away from house we keep carboxylic acid near the doors. My sister was visiting me on vacations along with her family,so in order to safeguard the children, I placed two carboxylic acid bottles one near front door and another near back entrance. It seems there was a snake inside the house, on smelling carboxylic acid he tried to rush out of the house from back door. He was gradually losing consciousness and was lying very near to the door and just few centimeters away was the latch to open the door. As I am the one in the house who takes maximum risk so  I thought that in order to save the life of snake I must open the back door so that the snake can move away. I started moving towards the back door,  It seemed my mother guessed,    she immediately stopped me from going to the door for opening the latch. Instead she took the risk and opened the latch herself quickly. We were truly astonished by her courage as snake could have bitten her, but  he immediately went out of the door gasping for fresh air.

This incident has opened my eyes about the courage of a mother who can take any risk in order to safeguard her children. Someone who has said that god made mother

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