Most Poisonous Spider – The Top Five Most Poisonous Spiders

What is the most poisonous spider. Here is a list of the five most poisonous spiders in the world – may you never have the displeasure of meeting them!

The most poisonous spiders only account for 2% of the total spider population, and yet this small number of poisonous spiders is enough to make them one of the most feared creature on Earth. So What is the most poisonous spider in the world and which ones come close.

Most Poisonous Spider No. 1 – The Brazilian Wandering Spider

This is by far the World’s most poisonous spider. It is not only deadly, but big as well, growing to a maximum leg span of 15cm.  The Brazilian Wandering Spider has venom which contains the neurotoxin PhTx3. This neurotoxin acts to block calcium and glutamate uptake in the body resulting in loss of muscle control leading to paralysis and eventually death. Just 0.006mg of venom is enough to kill a mouse.

The Brazilian Wandering Spider is found mainly in the forests of South America. As their habitat is encroached upon they are being increasingly found in suburban environments of South America. They often take refuge in banana trees, earning them the alternative name of banana spider, and have even been found in other countries ofter being shipped in crates of bananas.

Apart from causing immense pain and often death, the bite of the Brazilian Wandering spider can also cause priapism in men – an uncontrollable erection that can last for hours. The result of this is often sterility and impotence. So it is not only the most poisonous spider in the World but also the most feared spider by men the World over.

Most Poisonous Spider No. 2 – The Australian Funnel Web

The Australian Funnel Web spider is the second most poisonous spider but is considered by many to be the most dangerous due to the strength of its bite. The Funnel Web fang is able to penetrate fingernails and soft shoes and delivers a very painful bite due to the acidity of the venom.

The Funnel Web ranges in size from 1cm-5cm and they are found along the east coast of Australia. While both the male and the female are venomous, it is the male spider that is responsible for nearly all recorded attacks, as it is the male that often wanders looking for a female partner.

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3 Responses to “Most Poisonous Spider – The Top Five Most Poisonous Spiders”
  1. James Parker Says...

    On August 22, 2012 at 3:54 am

    I think spiders are even scarier than snakes because they can hide anywhere, and by the looks of this list, they are even deadlier!!

  2. inmyopinion Says...

    On August 22, 2012 at 3:59 am

    I am glad you haven’t listed the daddy long legs as the most poisonous spider as so many people do. They say it’s fangs just aren’t big enough to pierce our skin. Total wives tale.

  3. Stoli89 Says...

    On November 13, 2012 at 9:52 am

    It’s my understanding that there are two arachnids called “daddy long legs”. One is a spider (”cellar spider”) that we often find weaving webs inside garages and preying on other spiders. It does have venom, like all spiders, but its bite is mild and not deadly.. It’s light tan in color, has an elongated abdomen, looks very delicate and, of course, has long legs. The other is not a spider and does not have venom. It’s more accurately called the Harvestman, a very old order (Opiliones), within the class Arachnid, which hangs out on the outside walls of homes, buildings, etc. The later is the one that I more clearly associated, as a child, with the name “Daddy Long Legs”.

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