Most Dangerous Animals in The Us

In this article you will read about just some of the most dangerous animals who live in the United States. There are many more, but these are the most interesting.

The United States is a wonderful place to live; however, there are some dangerous animals you might want to try to avoid. Below I have listed just a few.

The first animal I thought worth mentioning is the Diamondback Rattlesnake. This is the largest venomous snake in the United States. These snakes usually won’t bother humans unless provoked or frightened for their lives. They even give a warning–a rattling sound from their tails–to warn us to turn and leave. If someone doesn’t hear them or doesn’t take heed, the snake will attack in self defense. The venom they inject in their victim is very poisonous. It will attack red blood cells and damages tissue. There is an anti venom that will save your life–but only if you get it in time. Below are two pictures of Diamondback Rattlesnakes. The first one is waiting in the grass ready to strike. The one on the left is in full attack mode. Their aim is very precise and quick, so turn and leave while you can!!




 Another animal in the United States to avoid is the Grizzly Bear. These big bears live in western North America. Female Grizzly Bears will usually be ready to attack when she fears for her cub. Most attacks by Grizzly Bears on humans are due to a person accidently coming in contact with a baby bear. Grizzly Bears have huge claws they use to attack. They have a harder time climbing trees than the Black Bear does because of their weight, but they are quick to attack. If you ever see a baby Grizzly Bear, as cute as it may be, just turn and try to get away before Mama Bear sees you!!


 I thought crocodiles would be worth mentioning too. They also live in the United States and are very dangerous to humans. They live in fresh water such as rivers and lakes. Crocodiles are very fast both in water and on land. Crocodiles can get up to 15 feet long and weigh around 2,600 pounds. Crocodiles are dangerous to humans because they can attack before a person even knows they are around. They have a very strong jaw and once they bite, it’s near impossible to escape. Crocodiles are very good at hiding until just the right moment. When they know it’s time, they bite down with their super strong jaws and razor sharp teeth.


Scorpions are also native to the United States as well as many other countries. These strange looking creatures have 8 legs including their two front crab-like claws. Their backs are bent forward and have a stinger attached to it. Not all scorpion’s venom is poisonous to humans but if you are stung, you should seek medical attention and get an anti venom to be safe. One neat thing about a scorpion is that they will actually glow when put under a black light. Another interesting thing is that mothers carry their babies on their backs. They hang on until big enough to fend for themselves. Below are pictures of two different scorpions. The first one is shown glowing under a blacklight and the second is show in it’s natural habitat.  


These are only a few dangerous animals the who live in the United States. There are many more. I encourage you to research some dangerous animals on your own. Happy searching!!


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  1. cynthia gist Says...

    On May 28, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    I don’t think crocodiles live in the US. Alligators do–Louisiana to Florida and other Southeastern states. Smaller but scarey enough. The state of Louisiana has a law requiring them to kill ones over 10 feet I think, but I don’t know the details.

    Scorpions live wherever there is volcanic–lava–and other rock here in Oregon. But they are light tan in color and quite small–like a huge spider? They are 2″ ling but curl up a bit smaller. Raid works well…. I was weeding around rocks in my garden and never noticed one stuck to my pants…until I started watering and it stung me! It still hung on and I never saw it until I picked up the pants to put them in the wash the next day! There it was and I realized what the sting had been! I had immediately trained the hose on it, but it was dark…the stinging stopped and I figured it had been a bee or wasp. There was a strange, dime-sized spot on the back of my ankle, the skin was simply gone! It felt like a bumble bee sting. Nothing serious to a gardener…but the vet said it would have killed my puppy if I hadn’t seen it when I did–they were 6″ apart and puppies are inquisitive… I have had much worse spider bites. Much worse. But I would not want to run into a big black scorpion like on TV and in movies! They must be small and weak here because of cold snowy winters?

    Besides rattlesnakes, there are water moccasins, cottonmouth, coral and other poisonous snakes, esp in the South–we North-westerners are lucky! Animal Planet shows and Billy the Exterminator freak me out showing the stuff down South!

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