Moles on Your Body: What Does It Mean?

We all have it. It could be on your face, on your arms or even in between your toes. What does it mean when you have one on your nose? Or on your elbow? Moles have different meanings and here are some of the most interesting ones.

1. A mole on a woman’s breasts indicates obedient and successful children.

2. A mole on your navel area translates to wealth. The nearer it is to your navel, the wealthier you are destined to become.

3. A mole near your privates indicates high sex drive and an intense sex life.

4. A mole sitting on the middle of your tummy is the best mole one can have. It indicates an easy life. A person who has this will be secured all throughout his life.

5. A mole just below the waistline means you are good-looking and will most likely have a partner that is easy on the eye.

6. A mole on the middle of your arm (on the other side of the elbow) indicates that YOU ARE A GOSSIPER. You can’t keep secrets!

7. Moles on your feet indicate numerous relationships – short-terms one as you love to flirt!

8. Moles on your back (other side of top part of your breasts) indicate lack of elegance. Those who can afford having these removed usually do so because of its meaning.

9. Moles on the elbows of a man indicates that he could be messy to deal with.

10. Moles on the inside thighs mean good fortune – literally, as a man who has these will most likely inherit huge amounts of money!

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