Mitosis and Cancer

Growth and development, physically and functionally, are essential aspects of life and living. Mitotic cell division is needed for growth in size in an individual. But some mitotic cell divisions go haywire resulting in a myriad of cancers, tormenting the affected.

    Mitotic cell division is a process which begins after fertilisation and the zygote has formed. It results in the formation of the embryo, which develops into the foetus, that leaves the womb to be an individual.  Mitosis carries on, for further growth and development, both functionally and physically, till the day the individual dies but the process slows down with age.

    Mitosis is controlled by genes during phases within the cell cycle. The phases are shown in the video clip below

    The you tube video above clearly explains the regulated cell cycle. What happens if the cell cycle becomes uncontrolled due to gene mutation?

    I hope I have been able to give you a brief picture of what happens if the cell cycle in mitosis becomes unregulated or uncontrolled. However not all tumours are life threatening as in the case of malignant tumours. Some women suffer benign tumours called fibroids in the womb. These growths can be removed surgically with or without hysterectomy

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