Protists: The “Others” You May Not Know About

Protists and their role in the tree of life.

Protists are eukaryotes that may be both single celled or multi-cellular. They are basically any organism which contains a nuclear envelope around their DNA but are not classified as plants, animals, or fungi. Due to this, there are many different protists that come in many different forms.

Eukayotes are developed through many layers of innovation which can be seen in the abundance of protists. This includes the “absorbtion” of mitochodria or chloroplastsmitochodria or chloroplasts as believed in the endosymbiotic theory of evolution or it may be due to random chance. While most plants and animals are terrestial many protists may be found in aquatic ecosystems making them important in the web of life.

Protists are a diverse group of organisms. They may range from photosynthetic parameciums to parasitic – such as in the species T. Gondii. Either way they make up a large amount of the organisms in the world around us and as such should not go unnoticed.

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