Massive Wild Boar Growth in The U.s

Pigs were brought with Columbus as food over sea. When he got to florida some pigs escaped. Those pigs to survive in the wilderness had to adapt so the started getting violent and growing tusks. in many states people kill boars. there was once a time when boars where almost wiped out. somehow they were growing back.

pigs were brought with Columbus as food over sea. since the pigs escaped into the vegetation they had to adapt to survive. They grew tougher and now they are known as wild boar. the average weight is 110-200 pounds. but in other places boars can be bigger and stronger.

these boars are a danger to people and where they live. they dont care about you or where you live they will destroy it. they even charge at people. there are people that you can hire to kill or capture wild boars. the males are mostly solitaire except for mating season. female go in packs of 20 sometimes 50 that consist of children and females. In america wild boars are mostly found in the west


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People think wild boars should be killed others think they should be sent back tu Asia. What do you think leave a comment with your opinion.

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