Top Four Most Unusual Fish on Earth

The most unusual fish on earth, with really awesome photos.

  1. The Whale Shark

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    The whale shark is a very unusual type of shark that lives in warm coastal waters and tropical habitats. The whale shark has a very wide range of habitat stretching from the eastern and western Atlantic oceans, to the indo west, eastern, and central pacific oceans. Though for this extremely large habitat, whale sharks are almost always seen near the surface by divers and other seafaring vessels.

    Though the Whale shark is a very massive shark, it is a gentle giant and divers alike swim with these massive beasts on the surface of the worlds oceans.

    For such a massive fish, the Whale shark also has a very unusual diet of small crustacean plankton, and small fish such as anchovies shrimp and sardines. They also have been seen to eat larger fish such as tuna and mackerel.

      Whale sharks are ovoviviparous. Ovoviviparity is a mode of reproduction in animals in which young develop inside eggs within the females body untill they are ready to be hatched.  Whale sharks have among the largest babies of all the sharks in the worlds oceans with young being born over 2 feet long.

  2. The Stonefish

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    The stonefish is undoubtedly one of the ugliest fishes in the sea. It gets its name from its yellowish, reddish stony appearance. This rocky appearance gives the stonefish a particular advantage over its predators looking to devour it for a meal. It can easily blend into the sea floor and disguise its self. When on the sea floor, the stone fish is nearly impossible to see with the human eye. This causes much trouble to swimmers and surfers for the stonefish has large, sharp venomous spines that cover its body and can deliver enough venom to kill a man. A select few every year die to stonefish stings.

    The stonefish eats small fish that swim by when it is camouflaged into the sea floor. Stonefish are patient hunters and will sometimes wait days sitting in one place for a meal to swim by.

  3. Ocellated Frogfish

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    Frogfish are one of the most interesting fish in the world. They get their name from their almost frog like appearance and are considered gross looking to most. Don’t be fooled, though this fish may look strange, its looks help it survive by camouflaging it into its surroundings. Frogfish have a dorsal spine with a fleshy growth at the end. They stay very still and use their dorsal spine as a sort of fishing rod. When a smaller fish comes close to grab the spine, the frogfish immediately crushes the fish with its powerful jaws.

  4. The Monkfish

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    The Monkfish is an angler fish, its spine ends in a dangling, flexible cord that it uses as a fishing lure to catch its prey.

    When eating a Monkfish, take care to note that the only edible portions of the monkfish are its muscular tail and its liver. The tail meat of the monkfish is supposedly delicious and is considered a delicacy in most places in the world.

    There are also many misconceptions about monkfish as well. One misconception is that the monkfish is related to the angel shark. It is indeed not, in fact, Monkfish are unrelated to angle sharks. Monkfish are true cartilaginous fish, not sharks.

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5 Responses to “Top Four Most Unusual Fish on Earth”
  1. Anonymous Says...

    On August 19, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    You guys need to get your facts straight, about whale sharks and blue whales in particular.

  2. info Says...

    On March 20, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    Blue whales dwarf whale sharks. Bad info.

  3. Sreely Says...

    On June 12, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    “The whale shark is a very unusual cross between a whale and a shark that lives in warm coastal waters and tropical habitats.”
    Whale Sharks are true sharks. They are not related to whales at all.

    “Though the Whale shark is the worlds largest living fish (even larger than the blue whale)”
    One, blue whales are much larger than whale sharks and two, you make it sound that whales are fish.

    “Whale sharks are viviparous which means that they give birth to live young.”
    Sorry, wrong again. Sharks are ovoviviparous which means that while they do give birth to live young, they hatch from eggs within the female rather than develop from the egg which is what viviparous means.

  4. scarecrow Says...

    On July 1, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    In addition. I believe you mean Angel Shark. I’m tired of how many people can’t spell the word angel.

  5. Kay Says...

    On November 12, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    I thought the whale shark was a mammal, not a fish.

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