The Largest Sea Creature Ever to be Discovered

Let it be a myth, let it be a folklore … this IS the biggest….!

The Sea Serpent

Neck like a giraffe, body like a snake, tail like a horse, what is this thing? This is a Sea Serpent.

The biggest thing ever found in sea is the Serpent of Sea, there has been 1,200 reports that they still exist in the deep waters of the Pacific. Their heights are from 10feet{babies} to 200 feet{adult} and the adults are mostly 20 feet wide.

Some few fishermen say that on summer nights , these large fearsome creatures leave their caves to eat calves, pigs, lambs or anything which it finds.It has ell-long hair hanging from its neck, sharp black scales and flaming red eyes. It attacks vessels, grabs and swallows people, as it lifts itself up like a column from the water.

So if you ever find a Sea Serpent while swimming … Good luck..

To read more about Sea Serpents , Click [HERE]

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