The Amazing Mimic Octopus

Octopuses are fantastic animals of the sea. They have eight arms, can change color in a blink of an eye and can appear as rock on the ocean floor.

Here are some amazingly interesting facts about the Mimic Octopus – one of the cleverest animals in the world.

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Mimic Octopus is an amusing marine creature. It can change its shape to mimic other animals; hence it is called Mimic Octopus.

The fantastic Mimic Octopus is the first octopus species ever observed to impersonate other animals.

Some marine animals mimic by this creature include the lion fish, jellyfish sea snake, crab, sea anemone, sea shells, flounders, mantis shrimp,  flatfish, brittle star and the venomous sole.

Octopus mimics the physical likeness and movements of more than 15 different species and accomplishes this by contorting its body and arms, and changing color.

Mimic Octopus feeds on crabs, small fish, worms and others and is preyed upon by barracudas and small sharks.

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This animal is often mistaken as the Wonderpus, another species of octopus.

It changes shape as a protection not for predation. By changing its color and shape, it deceives other animals especially its predators.

Mimic Octopuses can only be found in estuarine bays of Indonesia and Malaysia in Southeast Asia.

Its scientific name is Thaumoctopus mimicus and it can attain a length of up to 2 feet or 60 centimeter.

Mimic Octopus can impersonate a Banded Sea Snake by turning black and yellow. It buries six of its arms and waves its other two arms in opposite directions.

Mimic Octopus at Aer_Parang (Photo credit: Stephen Childs)

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