Purple Fire fish Goby – Nemateleotris Decora

General and feeding information of Purple Firefish Goby – Nemateleotris decora

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Scientific classification

Kingdom: Animala

Phylum: Chordata

Family: Gobiidae

Order: Perciformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Binomial Name: Nemateleotris decora

The Purple Firefish Goby is a striking aquarium addition with its beautiful purple and red coloration. Other than coloration, Purple Firefish Goby is also different from its Common Firefish cousin as it generally has a shorter dorsal ray fin. Also known as the Midwater Goby, this animated, relatively hardy, colorful character grows to a maximum size of around 2.5 inches. Its size makes it perfect for large and for small aquariums. Groups of Purple Firefish Gobies in close quarters will tend to become territorial and can show aggression amongst themselves. Given plenty of room, the Purple Firefish Goby will typically adjust and coexist.

The Purple Firefish Goby is a great aquarium addition as it displays no aggression toward other fish, corals, or invertebrates. But care should be taken to ensure that other species do not pick on the Purple Firefish Goby.

In the reef tank, Purple Firefish Goby will appreciate the hiding places afforded by Live Rock and corals. They are jumpers and require a covered aquarium. The Purple Firefish Goby will accept a variety of foods including Brine Shrimp and bloodworms, and will typically accept flake food fairly easily.

The Purple Firefish is a magnificent little fish that’s perfect for reef tanks. These fish have a light lavender colored body with purple markings on their face and towards their tailfin, along with dark red and purple colored fins. The Purple Firefish also has an elongated first dorsal spine that “jumps” up and down. These little fish have lots of personality and should be kept in a tank with lots of rockwork. The Purple Firefish likes lots of crevices, caves, and overhangs where they can “hang” in place. These fish prefer to be kept in pairs and do well in the home aquarium. They are great for reef tanks and will accept most fish foods. These fish are also jumpers, so precautions should be taken to secure openings at the top of the aquarium.

The Purple Firefish prefers a tank of at least 20 gallons with plenty of places to hide & swim. These should not be kept with Anglers or Frogs and when putting it with Boxfish.

The temperature of the aquarium for the Purple Firefish needs to stay around 72-78degree Fahrenheit; pH needs to stay at 8.1-8.4. dKH needs to be 8-12, Salinity 1.020-1.025. The ammonia and nitrite levels should be kept low, but the Purple Firefish Goby can stand pretty high ones for a little while.

Plenty of hiding should be provided for Purple Firefish Goby to dart into when scared cause this fish is very timid. If not done it may become permantly scared of you when you are anywere around it and also try not to touch with siphons or algae brushes for this will also make it very very timid of you.

Purple Firefish Goby is an egg-layer. It lays a whitish egg mass approx 2 mm in diameter. Spawning frequency ranged from 8 – 28 days. Incubation Period is 7 – 10 days at water temperatures of 76-81 F. Specific gravity 1.021 – 1.022. pH 8.2 – 8.4

Purple Firefish Goby are a carnivores and will eat Brine Shrimp, Flakes, Pellets, Mysid Shrimp, or chooped small crustaceans. Atleast 2-3 different kinds of food are recommended for Purple Firefish Goby to keep variety in its diet.

The Purple Firefish Goby is found in Indo-Pacific Ocean ranging from Phillipines to Australia, Fiji to Ryoku islands and in Maldives and Srilanka.

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  1. Sasha Says...

    On March 21, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Do they have a long memory span? My firefish was bullied by 3 damsels, then jumpped out and got rescued and we kept touching the glass where it was, scaering it. So it’s really timid. Can I do Anything about theat?

  2. Louse Says...

    On April 23, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    Fry him up in butter.

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