Mutant Fish Near Fukushima. Monsters Born of Atomic Radiation

Nuclear threat is maximum. Ocean fish plant in Fukushima around and there is possibility of irradiated mutant species, monstrous, because high levels of radioactive isotopes.

At this time, fishing is prohibited in the waters of the eastern coast of Japan.

To see what the situation is, scientists have caught a fish on Friday, midway between Tokyo and Fukushima. Result analysis: contains extremely dangerous levels of radioactive iodine, cesium and very much.

That made the Japanese authorities to announce that for the first time to set a legal limit to which fish may contain traces of radioactivity. Too late though, just to find “the clear” that there is already an unknown radioactive leak, importance, and which has already affected the environment.

Japan also announced an unprecedented ocean contamination. In Pacific waters there is a level of iodine 131, radioactive, which exceeds 7.5 million times the limit allowed by law. Marti have made new measurements and the level was still exceeded 5 million times.

Contamination of the ocean will become increasingly serious, especially because they are constantly spills. Most of the company TEPCO, Fukushima plant manager, explained that they have nothing to do, and must give way to the 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the ocean. This can have catastrophic effects on flora and fauna especially the ocean, as water becomes toxic and everything moving in it will be irreparably contaminated.

Economically speaking, the situation in Japan is now as in the Gulf of Mexico, where a pipeline broke and created an ecological disaster – the largest in U.S. history. At that time fishing was banned.

The Americans, beaten, Fukushima syndrome. Application exploded bunkers

Here radioactivity map depending on its effects on humans

Radioactive fish were always detected in areas with a history of contamination. For example, in the U.S. last year, scientists announced that there is pollution in a river in Connecticut. Fishermen have found over 100 kilograms monsters were infected with strontium 90 – a radiaoctiv isotope from a leak from a central area nucreale.

The tragic accident at Chernobyl had long-term effects on the fish fauna of rivers that cross the area.

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    This is very unfortunate. I wonder if the fish would travel this far to the U. S. I love fish and the thought of wondering about dangerous levels of radiation is not what I treasure.

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