Facts About Common Octopuses

For thousands of years, octopuses have been known for their unique appearance, with their massive bulging heads, electric eyes that we can’t ignore, and eight long arms. But the most interesting facts about the octopus, is its life span in the wild, and how it tries to survive from predators.

The average life span of common octopuses in the wild is 1 to 2 years. When it comes to surviving in the wild, the octopus is a total genius. Octopuses can hide in plain sight because they are able to change the colors of their skin to match the colors, patterns or textures surrounding them. The enemy can swim near the octopuses without even seeing their meal. If by any chance they are being seen distracted by a predator, the octopus will use its ink spray to attack any predator. A cloud of black ink will be release, leaving the predator blind, giving plenty of time for the octopus to swim and hideaway. It has been scientifically proven that their ink contains a strong substance that deadens a predator’s sense of smell, making very difficult for the predator to find the fugitive octopus. As for being fast swimmers, their bodies can move very quickly and their limp bodies can squeeze into very small cracks like roaches, where predators can’t follow.

If the octopus is having a bad day, say, a predator is holding them very tightly; an octopus can give up his arm to escape its predator.The arms of octopuses will regrow without leaving permanent damage to the body after a vicious attack from predators. Not to mention, in a way they are very similar to other venomous animals because they have beaklike jaws that allow them to bite with their venomous saliva, used to bring their attacker under control. Octopuses are also known for using their ink to blind their victims before assaulting. Octopuses are considered by many scientists to be one of the most intelligent invertebrates, the most common octopuses are found in tropical climates where the world’s oceans waters are mild. Most octopuses are average in size, but many of them can grow to about 3.5 feet in length and weight as much as 22 pounds. 

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