Living Things Need Food

This article is about animals that is plant,living thing can make its own food.

All living things need food.Plants use food as they grow.Animals use food as they grow.People use food as they grow,too.Living things alos use food to keep theri bodies healthy.All livings things use food for energy,too.Without food,plants,animals,and people would die.


Living things use different amounts of food.Many kinds of birds eat almost all day.This snake may noteat again for several days.


Green plantsd make their own food.Plants use sunlight,water,and air when they make food.You know that most of the food is made in the plant’s leaves.Plants make more food than they use.The food that is stored in many plant parts.Some food is stored in roots.Turnips and carrots have large amounts of stored food.Food may be stored in stems.Sugar cane has a large amount of stored food in its stem.Some food is also stored in leaves.


Animals cannot make their own food.They need to find their food.Not all animals eat the same kinds of food.Some animals eat only plants or plant parts.Animals that eat only plants or plant parts are called plant eaters.

Plant eaters may be small or large.Many insects eat leaves,stems,or seeds.Mice and some birds eat seeds.Elephants eat leaves and stems.


Some animals eat only other animals.An animals that hunts andeats other animals is called a predator.Wolves,snakes,and cats are predators.They may eat squirrels,mice,or birds.

Predators are an important part of nature.Suppose foxes were the only animals that ate rabbits if all the foxes died?Animas eaten by predactors are called prey.


Some animals eat both pants and animals.Bears may eat fish and nuts or berries.Raccoons eat meat.They also eat fruits and seeds.Suppose two animals live in the same area.One animals eats only plants.The other eats both plants and animals.Which animal might be able to find more food if the rain did not fall for many months?

Most people eat both animals and plants.Some people eat only plants or plant parts.People who eat only plants must choose food wisely.People who eat meat must also choose foods wisely.People who eat meat must also choose food wisely.Everyone needs to choose foods  that are good for their health.


The plants,grasshopper,bird,and cat are each part of a food chain.Plants,animals which eat these plants,and animals which eat other animals form food chain.Think of each plant or animals as a link is food for the next link in the food chain.

Food chains can have few or many linkd.A girl eating tomatoes and lettuce in a salad is a short food chain.A longer food chain might start with a rabbit eating grass.The rabbit is eaten by a mountain lion.When the mountain lion dies,it is eaten by a vulture.

All food chains begin with a producer.Any living thing which makes or producers its own food is called a producer.Plants are producers.They are  the first link in a food chain.

The next link in all food chains is a consumer.A consumer is any living thing that must eat other living things for food.A consumer cannot make its own food.Every link is added to a food chain after the first link is a consumer.

Suppose a shrimp eats some water plants.A small fish catches and eatys the shrimp.A large  salmon eats the small fish.Finally,a boy catches and eats the salmon.




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