Why do Koalas barely drink?

A small Koala baby  rides on his or her mother back until they can get along on their own.   When the baby rides on the back of the mother , the baby feels safe and protected.   If the baby  gets lost, they will stay in one place and cry until the mother  comes to rescue it.  As the baby bear cries, some people have said that it sounds just like a human baby crying.

A Koala isn’t part of the bear family like most people think they are.  Koalas belong to the “Marsupials” family, because they  give birth to their young and the young are ,so tiny, they have to be protected from the outer world and the enemies of the Koalas.  When a Koala is born, the mother will put it in the pouch to keep a eye on them.  The babies still need to develop ,so they ride in the mother’s pouch for several months more.  Kangaroos, wallabies, and opossums are other marsupials.

There is only one place to find Koalas in the wild and that is Australia.   The Koalas that live where the weather is warm have reddish fur and the Koalas that live in the colder weather have dark gray fur.   The Koalas that have the dark gray fur are larger than the other.

Koala like to live on their own except during mating season.  The only time a Koala will share a tree is when it is a really big tree, otherwise they will growl at the new arrival to keep on moving.  A male Koala may share a territory with two or three males ,but often they keep to themselves.

A male Koala weighs up to thirty pounds and female Koalas are smaller than the male Koalas.  A adult Koala usually is the size of a large bulldog.

Adult Koala have a keen sense of smell and they use their smell to sniff out food or whether there is any Koala in the nearest tree.   They also have a keen sense of hearing because their ears are ,so large they can focus on sounds better.

Koala are nocturnal animals which means they are active at night.  Since they are nocturnal animals, they don’t depend on their eyesight to get around.

The Koala in the front and back are like human beings in the shape ,but that where the similarity end.  The front paws has three fingers and two thumbs,  The back paws has four fingers and one thumb.  The third and four finger on the back paws are joined together, which they use to comb their fur.

A Koala usually sleep up to eighteen hours and only wakes up to eat.  A Koala only eats the older leaves off the eucalyptus because the younger leaves of the tree has a deadly poison on them.   One Koala eats up to two pounds of eucalyptus leaves a day.   The eucalyptus leaves also give the Koala a cough drop smell which helps keep off the fleas and parasites.

Why do Koala rarely drink?  Because when they eat the eucalyptus leaves, the juicy  leaves give the Koala all the water  they need.

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