An essay on the novel Ishmael, by David Quinn.


    The human race, as Ishmael puts it, is inevitably headed for extinction.  Human beings are the product of layer upon layer of evolution.  Our lust for money and resources continues to result in corruption of the environment and of our societies.  Mankind has come to believe that it owns the world, and that it is a race superior to all others.  I strongly agree with Ishmael’s idea of the inevitability of the end of the human race as we know it because it is logical, supported by science, and agrees with my inner conscience. 

    “The premise of the Taker story is the world belongs to man…The premise of the Leaver story is man belongs to the world.” (Quinn 239)  The belief that the world belongs to you, and that your leaders control it, is common among human beings.  The human race’s constant lust for money, power, and land is one of it’s most fatal flaws.  When Adam & Eve were given the directions to eat from any tree, except the Tree of Knowledge, their inner greed and ignorance led them to their defeat.  Human’s have continued to make these basic mistakes, ignoring their inner conscience of good and evil.  In the future, man’s natural greed will be a major contributor to the end of human beings.

    Humans continue to live believing the world belongs to them, and that they are free to make decisions concerning issues shared with other species.  “The world was not made for any one species.” (Quinn 145)  Ishmael’s thoughts come to the conclusion that mankind is simply another species in the world and will cease to exist, just as any other would.  Every species has it’s flaws, but human’s have come to believe that they stand above others and call themselves superior.  This kind of ignorance and lust for power will continue to corrupt societies and the environment till the day of mankind’s extinction. 
    For millions of years, the process known as evolution has been taking place all over the planet.  New species have continued to arise and adapt to the changing environment.  In the case of human evolution, our race has seen drastic physical and mental changes and adaptations bringing us to where we are today.  Quinn’s theory is supported by these scientific facts and I strongly agree with it.  Although, not many people support Quinn and his thoughts, one thing is known to be true.  Humans have come to believe they are invincible and call the world their own.  Ignoring scientific history, human beings continue to act out of greed and lust, which will inevitably lead to their downfall as a species.

    In Ishmael’s eyes, humans will be no different than any other species and will cause themselves to go extinct.  Between their natural lust for power, and greed for money, mankind’s actions will result in the corruption of their environment and society.   Every species before us have gone down the same road to extinction, and humans will be no different.  “Man is not alone on this planet.  He is part of a community, upon which he depends absolutely.” (Quinn 99)  Inevitably, the human race will cease to exist, much like it’s ancestors have for thousands of years in the past. 

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