Top 10 Weirdest Facts About Sex

Sex is a biological behavior for one’s pleasure as well as reproduction. Well, you may think you may know everything about sex, but there are few strange and weird things you never knew about sex, so here is this list of top 10 weirdest facts about sex.

1. Sex Leads to Weight Loss

Yes, it is very true that having sex is a great way to lose calories. So, sex can be one way of losing weights, if gone to an extent of losing lots of calories. Kissing makes you lose about 26 calories while having vigorous sex will burn about 150 calories. So it is estimates that having sex 8 to 10 times vigarously a month, will make you lose 3 pounds of weight a year. Weird, aint it?

2. Pubic Wigs

Pubic wigs have been in use since ages. In the Victorian era, public wigs were worn by wores. In the 15th century, women worn public wigs to prevent lice in their pubic hair after shaving it.

3. Condoms made from Animal Intestine

800Px-Condom 1900

Condoms were used in Asia, before the 15th century, known as the glans condom which used to cover only the glans of the penis. In China, these glans condom were made up from lamb intestine. The Japanese made condoms from shells of tortoise and horns of animals. Ah! that’s weird and painfull!

4. Sex Cures Headache

Well, a study has proved that having sex can cure headache. So, next time your partner says NO to sex because he/she is having a headache, go for it as sex cures headache.

5. Sperm is Good For Skin

The protein is your sperm is said to have a very good tightening effect in your skin and is good to prevent wrinkles. It is an excellent anti-aging substance. When sperm is left to dry, the water is evaporated leaving behind the protein, which can prevent wrinkles. But again, you can’t just move around with sperm in your face, can you?

6.Pubic Hair Grows to Limits


Pubic hairs are designed in such a way that they grow only till certain extent and when a limit is reached, then it stops growing. So, do not worry if you have not cut it or shave it, as it won’t grow into so long unmanageable length.

7. Blow Job cames from the Victorian Times

The Victorian times has been the origination of various things related to sex from pornography to the fellatio term Blowjob. Prostitutes very known as Blowsy those times. The process of ejaculation was also known as Blow as a slang. Hence the term blowjob came into being. It is also known as Playing the flute.

8.Men watching Men Porn Produce more Sperm

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A research have proved than men watching porn of men produce more sperm. Therefore, a porn of 2 men and a woman would produce more sperm than a porn of one man and a woman, accelrating their baby making sexual activity.

9.Animals too have Sex for Fun

It is not only human beings who have sex for fun. It has been found out that bonobo chimps and Dolphins too have sex to have fun, even when they are not in their reproductive cycle. Indeed, bonobo chimps are found to have various forms of sex like oral sex, tongue kissing and face to face sex and they to enjoy like what human beings do.

10. Animal Prostitution


Some female penguins indulge in prostitution. Well, it may be really weird and strange but it is true that female penguins, even when in a commited relationship, have sexual activity with strange male penguins at the price of getting pebbles and stones to help her build her nest. A Zoologist, Dr Fiona Hunter’s research says that, female penguins mostly target male penguins who are single for these sort of prostitution, as if it weren’t single , the other female partner would beat her up.

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