Male Pheromones

Learn what pheromones are and what they do.

Male pheromones are the natural chemicals which are produced by perspiration in male and its scent can increase the sexual feelings of a woman. Our body produces pheromones every day but the amounts are small. The effect of these pheromones reduces as we wash our body and by applying body deodorants. The more the pheromones your body produces the greater is your chance of attracting women. In some men the amount of pheromones produced is higher and in some low. So there arises the need for artificial pheromones.
The sedative scent of these pheromones is what makes it work. According to some research conducted on some women, the scent of the pheromones made them more relaxed and calm. The results yielded that when these women inhaled the scent it interacted with some parts of the nostrils which contain vomeronasal organs. These organs are connected to certain brain cells which control the emotional responses. So when these organs receive the scent it triggers the brain cells which in turn trigger the emotional feelings in women.
The pheromones resemble to other odorants which are produced by the body. But the pheromones can be easily differentiated from other odorants as they generate different emotions. Body odor is generally due to decomposition of sweat by bacteria where as the pheromones are secreted by a male hormone called Androstenone from the sweat glands which are present at the armpit, chest and wherever there is hair on the body. These pheromones are produced when a man sweats.
These pheromones play an important role in sexual communication between opposite sexes. But due to hygienic conditions adopted by man these pheromones go undetectable because these pheromones are washed away in bathroom, their production reduces due to the use of body odor which blocks the sweat glands. Because of this man has deprived himself of natural attraction to opposite sex and uses various after shave lotions and colognes. These body deodorants and colognes cannot arouse the sexual feelings in women.
Pheromones are odorless and are less detectable to human nose but as women have better sense of smell than men they pick up these male pheromones subconsciously and become sexually attracted to the user. Women will not know if someone has applied male pheromones but will subconsciously get attracted to the user sexually. By using these pheromones it surely is going to increase the number of women who will be attracted to you. Apply these pheromones and it will create a world of sexual attraction and desire.

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  1. Ted Says...

    On January 12, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    So sweat glands produce the pheromones but body odor blocks the sweat glands. To sweat or not to sweat, that is the question

  2. Mya Says...

    On August 12, 2011 at 9:21 am

    guess the lynx effect is really trying to be the pherenmone effect then

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