David Ruffin: Back Ground Singer

Greater Then The Credit Given.

Much has been stated that David Ruffin. was originally, a back ground singer when joining the Temptations just to ascend to , one of the lead vocalist of the Temptations. Except, upon many songs hits and rare classic , with Eddie Kendrick and Paul Wlliams leading the tune. You can’t help but take notice, of David Ruffin. On , many recording his vocals enhanced the song. In similar ways that the other members supported his lead vocals.

Restrospectively, this whole foundation, of the Classic Temptations lies in the group being seen, as a group. As opoosed to a one dimensional lead vocalist, with back ground supporters. The arrangers, the producers and yes, even the dancing steps was catered acxcording to the song vocalist.

Similar to the old style great gospel groups. None stood out, without recognizing the tight harmony that played a vital part , of the Temptations. What’s so great about this unit was they took pride in accepting the honor, of being the toughest group around? Other loves to claim, they were or was better then the Temptations. Except notice the name’s they compared themselves to being great.

On, the live version of “Don’t Look Back” on the Ed Sullivan show notice that the one brief solo is by the dynamic star, of the Temptations. The one dangerous threat to this very day msany fans still discuss and anoint, as the source of their earlier success. If, it wasn’t for the truth, of Smokey Robinson noticing the star power, within David Ruffin, from his stage appearances, in the early stages when he joined.

In all honesty, they would have became a novelty act, without much substance. Take note that all producers has or bought a different measure to the so called “Motown Sound’ created by each individual. As much as , we loves to state Berry Gordy created it. The facts stands in truth that each producer used their vision to produce their style. Gordy just gave them opportunity to do it. Who can’t recognized all the primary lead vocalist voices behind the voices of the song that each spot you can personally name them.

Ruffin ability to stay uncomplexed shows his respect, as, a group member. Any negative comment about his growing ego seems to come, from others speaking upon his wicked ways, of trouble creation. Strange, it ego problems that, we see that created clashes between Norman Whitfield and Marvin Gaye during recording, with the master producer.  So, we must admit and accept that Ruffin’s gospel back ground was vital to the Temptations.

“Oh, they not coming to hear you Otis” , might be a classic truth. But many fans knows many loves the harmony that made them the Emperor of Soul. To rule, you must have something to brag about. Which this group have had, with mutiple lead vocalist.

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