How to Breed an Ant Colony? Part One

In the next days, I will give you an introduction to the amazing world of the ants, how to collect them, how to make an ant nest, how to breed them, give the food, water,ana another type of carings that it need.

First of all, is important that we protect our environment, if we like to have an ant colony, we never have to destroy a wild ant nest in order to catch an queen ant, because, we will kill a lot of ants, and ants hav a very important role in the nature, because of without ants, humans couldn´t live, this is an amazing reason, isn´t ?
So, if we are planning to start our first ant colony, we need a test tube, like which doctors use to make test in the laboratory. We will put water inside the tube, and them a cotton in order to keep water and the moisture on the next. Then, we have to put inside our ant queen, and the put another cotton to avoid and ant escape. 
So, when we put our ant queen inside the tube, we have to put the tube, in some darkness place, to let the queen start putting the first eggs. 
You are asking, where I will get an ant queen, if I can not destroy an ant nest, the answer, is very simple, after the rainings of the summer, ants make the nupcial fly, where king ants and queen ants, reproduce it selfs, in that moment we have to catch ant queens. Ant queens are more big than king ants, so it will be easy to catch a queen, if it is possible try to find ant queens without wings, because this is an evidence that the queen is fertilized, and it can start putting eggs. 
In the next part, how to care the queen, the baby ants, and how to feed them.
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