Hammerhead Flatworm Pictures

This article tells some facts about Hammerhead Flatworms. It also has some Hammerhead Flatworm pictures and Hammerhead Flatworm videos.

Hammerhead Flatworms are small land planarians that can be confused with worms.  These small creatures are invasive to the United States.  Hammerhead Flatworms were thought to have been brought over to the United States by accident in plants or potting soil.  Hammerhead Flatworms are considered pest because they eat earth worms which are beneficial.  If you find any of these in your garden it is best to kill them.


Hammerhead Flatworms grow to be about 20 inches long.  There are several species in the United States that have been identified.  Hammerhead Flatworms originally came from Indo-China.  These creatures are usually tan with a dark stripe or possibly three dark stripes on their backs.  The head is shaped like a hammer which is where the name Hammerhead Flatworm comes from.  These creatures can be cut in half and they will grow into two new creatures.  This means that you must kill them by other means.  Salt is a really easy way to kill Hammerhead Flatworms.


These are some Hammerhead Flatworm pictures I took.  I found this guy on my front porch after a rain.  Hammerhead Flatworms are no harm to humans.  They can not bite and are not poisonous.  These creatures are also sometimes called Shovelhead Flatworms because of the shape of their heads.

These are some Hammerhead Flatworm videos I took.  This were shot on a Canon 5D Mark II using a Sigma 180mm macro lens.


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