Growing Infusoria

How to grow Infusoria.

 Infusoria are small, single celled organism. Infusoria is not a single creature, but a whole bunch of single celled creatures that grow in the same environment. How small are they? About 100 of them could fit across the diameter of a human hair.
Infusoria are used to feed especially small fry, such as bettas and gouramis and other egg laying fish, which are too small to start life eating larger foods such as microworms and baby brine shrimp. Growing Infusoria is as easy as making a glass of chocolate milk! There’s hardly anything to it!

To make your culture, take a few clear, quart-sized containers and fill them up half way with water from your tank. Now add either hay or straw that has been boiled, a rabbit food pellet, lettuce leaf, a leaf from a live aquarium plant, or a drop of powdered egg. or something of the likes to your jar. Experiment with what works best for you and stick with that.

Set the jars somewhere out of the way for a few days, maybe even weeks. You know you’re culture is ready if it looks like it’s full of dust when held up to a light.

To feed your fry, pour the Infusoria culture into the tank. Simple as that. Be careful not to dump the piece of lettuce or egg in the tank! To prevent this, pour the Infusoria into a container, and then pour the Infusoria  water from the second container into the tank.

To jump start your Infusoria, add some more aquarium water, and if need be add another lettuce leave or little bit of egg.

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