Grey Wolf Facts

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Grey wolf facts.

Grey wolf belongs to family canine. They resemble with domestic dog German shepherd. They make a come back to the United States and northern Rockies.

Size and shape.

They are grey, black and full white in color. They are 26-32 inches in height from shoulders. They have 4.5-6.5 m length. They weigh about 55-130 pounds. Male have greater height and weight then females.


Grey wolfs generally found in Canada and United States. In 1930 many wolfs were killed in United States. They found in Alaska, Michigan, Montana, Wyoming and Mexico.


Diet of grey wolfs is ungulates. They usually eat large mammals including deer, moose, elk and caribou. They also eat small animals like rabbits and beaver. At some times, they eat died animals due to lake of prey or starvation.


According to an estimate, there are about 7,000 to 11,200 grey wolves only in Alaska. Other 48 states have more than 5000 grey wolf. There are over 200,000 grey wolves in 57 countries of world.


They used to live in group of 5-7 animals. There is mother and father in the pack which is called alphas, their pups and other many wolves travel with the packs.    

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