Giant Pythons Arrested in Florida

Giant pythons Arrested in Florida.

Giant Burmese pythons are found in the Everglades, Florida has set a record. The snake has the largest size ever found in the state and contains 87 eggs, which is a record.

“These animals are very large, width of about one foot,” said Kenneth Krysko, herpetology collections manager at the Florida Museum of Natural History, about 5.35 meters long animal.

Scientists at the museum based at the University of Florida examined the snake weighed 164.5 pounds (74.5 kg) on Friday, as part of a government research project to determine the effect of absorption of Burma snakes in Florida.

The giant snake, a native of Southeast Asia and was first discovered in the Everglades in 1979, prey on birds, deer, wild cats, crocodiles, and other large animals.

With no natural predators are known, the estimated population of Burmese pythons in Florida range from thousands to hundreds of thousands.

They are classified as species that can survive without human assistance in 2000, and raised concerns related to their number, a long age, and productive capacity to proliferate.

“That means that the snake is long survive in the wild,” said Krysko, stressed the importance of finding a great example of that species. “Nothing is stopping them and the local wildlife is in trouble

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