Gerbera Giant Spinners Flower

Gerbera Giant Spinners flower information.

         These Wonderful Looking flowers look like Spinners you put on a car thus the name Gerbera Giant Spinners, It is a supersized gerbera daisy, with a huge double, bicolored flowers that sparkle in pink/white, Red/White and Yellow/Orange. Would make a wonderful flower to plant this spring. The Flowers are 6 to 8 inches across. Grown mostly in the West Coast these Annuals will have your friends talking about how pretty they look. They get up to 3 feet tall. They require full sun and bloom repeatitly. This plant is attracted to bees and butterflys. Water on a regular basis is needed but do not overwater. This plant is resistant to deer and is suitable for growing in containers. When it comes to time to remove the seeds let the seedheads dry on the plant before removal.

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