Frog Licking? What? Did You Really Say Frog Licking?

This practice goes back to ancient times.

Frog licking? You have got to be kidding!

This practice goes back to ancient times when folks licked frogs in the hopes of gaining spiritual revelations. Today it is still being done for the hallucinogenic effects. People want to get high. But the pursuit of a hallucinogenic experience can be the death of you.

Many frogs and toads contain mild poisons that make them undesirable to potential predators. However, there are some frogs and toads that excrete potentially deadly toxins that are also known for the hallucinogenic effects. The high from licking frogs comes from the poison-emitting glands behind the frog’s eyes. The problem with this is you won’t know how much of the toxic poison you are ingesting until it is to late. You might have a mind altering experience or go into cardiac arrest and die. It’s kind of a crap shoot.

The poisonous toxins of the Colorado River toad and the Giant toad also called the cane toad, in some instances can cause temporary paralysis or even death. Dried toad poison has been used to treat various ailments in the past, and it is known that some species of toad poison can produce hallucinogenic effects in humans and even cause cardiac arrest.

In many Shaman traditions, hallucinogenic compounds derived from toads and frogs are used in religious rituals for communion with the spirit world and for self-transcendence. Some species contain compounds both poisonous and hallucinogenic. The venom may contain a substance similar to the powerful cardiac drug digoxin which can kill you.

There are over 24 different families of frogs and toads with approximately 3,800 species. Frogs generally have smaller bodies with smooth moist skin, bulging eyes that allow them to see in all directions, no tail, webbed feet for swimming and strong hind legs for jumping. There are really no clear distinctions between frogs and toads, except that toads usually have dry warty skin and short hind legs more suitable for walking than for jumping. Both are commonly found in warm tropical regions, but they can also be found in deserts and mountainous areas.These little amphibious creatures can be found in almost every local in the world.You never know which ones are deadly so overall the practice of frog and toad licking is a grave danger to your health and maybe even to your life.


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    On December 20, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    Eww, that is disgusting. People do the weirdest things for a high.

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