Found!! Throughout Borneo Giant Snake Dragon 33 Meters

Found!! Throughout Borneo Giant Snake Dragon 33 Meters.

New- are shown an aerial photograph that makes a scene Malaysia. A gigantic snake swimming in the river Baleh, Sibu, Sarawak, northern Borneo that are in Malaysia. Hiii …

A photo of a gigantic snake swimming melenggak-swing seen in a river surrounded by tropical peat forest. Black snake was very large, nearly filled rivers located in the middle of a lush swamp forest. Water lapped at the left side. Reportedly, the photo was taken from a helicopter, 11 February 2009.

Photo that is the extensive debate in Malaysia today. Kalimantan does have giant snakes. But this time, a large snake is a kind of newly discovered pythons or python or snake Kalimantan people call it rice, dozens of meters in length.

But the snake seen in photo and circulated widely on the internet, including Youtube, much longer and larger than python findings so far. Estimated length of 100 feet or about 33 meters.

The picture was taken by team members of the flood disaster that was later published by the Messenger of Sarawak, a local newspaper last week. New Straits Times in Kuala Lumpur, also contain image which is then released by The Telegraph, UK.

There also do not trust the photo and consider engineering alone. This is because it is too far shooting the snake. True or not, the photo was made public around Sarawak, particularly Sibu, fear. Therefore, the river is an artery for the community over the years.

According to the legend lives in the local community, it is believed about the anaconda in the region called Nabau. According to belief, Nabau a snake with a length of 80 meters with a dragon’s head and seven nostrils. Villagers who live on the river Baleh Borneo believe these mystical creatures. In addition, people are often seen large snakes in the region.

Now, the question is, if the photo is genuine, it does look kind of snake python or anaconda? Until now it has not found any anaconda in Borneo, except in the movie Anaconda: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid are selling it.

The record currently is the longest snake anaconda (Eunectes) from Amazon. Anaconda is the boa family. The newly discovered long anaconda was 50 feet, but scientists believe there is a 80-foot-long anaconda, even 100 feet from the snake skin findings by British scientists on an expedition in 1992. In family anaconda, according to environmental website Mongabay, the largest is the green anaconda (Eunectes murinus). Length is 43 meters.

Python Asia is the second longest snake. Scientists Asiatic Reticulated Python call (python reticulatus). Longest python found in Borneo area 33 feet in length, and is the world record for the longest current pythons. The scientists believe the long python can reach 50 feet or about 15 meters.

The difference is more slender and expert anaconda swim. While python fatter and just like humidity, not in the water. Anaconda bite its prey to death before swallowing, while python prey using its power to wrap up his bones crushed or did not move again, then swallowed.

Early February, the scientists found the fossil snake weighing a small car. The snake was estimated to be crushed animal the size of a cow. 45 foot long monster named Titanoboa is huge and life by eating crocodiles and giant turtles. Weighed 1.25 tons. He used to creep around the tropical forests of South America 60 years ago.

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