Five Terrible “Zombie” in Real Life

Nature has provided evidence of the existence of "virus" zombies on animals.

A number of trust believes in the existence of zombies, the undead are employed as slaves. Hollywood version more gruesome horror fiction, creature even like to eat human brains. While the existence of the “virus” zombies in humans has not been confirmed scientifically, nature has provided the proof. In this form of the parasite that takes over the animal.

These are five examples of horrific zombies in the animal kingdom:

1. Victim: spider

Types of spiders argyra Plesiometa is really bad luck. Spiders native Costa Rican who just want to catch some small insects to eat, his body actually taken over by parasitic wasps.

Wasp larvae that grow in the spider’s body and control. Rather than build their webs, spiders spend the last night of his life to make a soft cocoon that will be home to the killer.

When completed pupae, larvae will kill a spider and stay safe in a cocoon, on the predators that roam the rainforest land.

2. Victim: crab

This is a story about a crab meet barnacles. A barnacle Saccculina want to nest in the shells of crabs, finding a way to go.

When you get to the crab’s body, he made a nice little house that looks like a tumor in the body of the crab, continues to extend through the body crab and slowly eating its host.

After killing his new residence sex organs, crabs became lost interest in anything other than serving the barnacle, now a master.

Barnacles and pierce the shells of crabs and invited the male enter and proliferate in the shells of crabs, and breed there.

3. Victim: ant

The discovery occurred during zombie Time. This year scientists discovered four new types of fungi that prey on wood ants. The fungus infects ants and use chemical signals to drive the ants out of the track.

Ants that have become zombies then left the colony and jaw stuck under leaves and settled there. The animal eventually died when the fungus spreads throughout the body.

Fungi are also forming a stalk of zombie ant’s head and tried to lure other ants.

4. Victim: cockroach

It’s like a scene in a Hollywood movie: a quick stab at the brain make innocent people become victims of brutal and horrific attack. But not the man who became the victim but the cockroaches, the most hated animals. While the villain is a wasp.

In the real story in nature, wasps can make cockroaches unable to move. Cockroaches and then dragged into a wasp nest, and kept alive despite his belly planted wasp eggs. When the eggs hatch into larvae, he ate a cockroach helpless, from the inside out. A month later, the adult wasps fly from the “crime scene”, leaving the carcasses to rot.

5. Victim: insects jointed (pill bugs)

Insects These look cute and harmless, before finally taken over by parasites “Nefarious acanthocephalon” (Plagiorhynchus cylindraceus).

Parasites that live in the intestines of starlings, and removed through the dirt. When the dirt was eaten by insects, parasites that enter the body, then took over the insect brain, making its host doing crazy things. One of them, making it visible to predators, starlings. After completing the task, the parasite was eyeing other insects to practice mind control ability

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