Fasting Helps to Remove Toxins From The Body

Theory and practise of fasting.

When we are hungry – stop there – all the vital energy that was used for digestion of food is now spent on removing toxins from the body.

For example, I have traveled across the United States and other countries to lecture. I was fortunate to know many people who send me fruits and vegetables grown in his gardens and orchards. But quite often I am forced to eat what is at the moment, although I know that most of this food is full of chemicals. This is why I and starving for 24 or 36 hours weekly as well as four to ten days in the year.

When I pass a ten-day total fasting every morning, take a sample of the first urine after waking up. I put her in a small bottle and store in a cool place. After several days in urine found small crystals. I submit urine for chemical analysis, which shows that it contains traces of DDT and other toxic pesticides.

Once, when I fasted for 21 days, then a 19-day felt severe pain in the bladder, particularly unpleasant when you urinate. I sent a urine test, and found out it was overrun with DDT and other toxins. When these poisons out of me, I felt a huge burst of energy. Whites of my eyes began to snow-white, and the skin has acquired a pleasing color. I remember it was a 19-day fast I had gone to Pasadena (California) to Mount Wilson, whose height is 1800 meters and climbed to the summit is absolutely without any tension. Downstairs ran, I felt tremendous relief. In my view, starvation – it’s the only way to rid the body of those toxins that are produced by industry.

Paraffin wax on fruits and vegetables is dangerous for our health

Revealed a new threat to the health of the nation. When you eat an apple, pear, plum, green cucumber and pepper, carefully consider the surface of the fruit. She shines brightly? It is smooth and shiny? If so, beware!

It is likely that they are covered with paraffin wax solution, which, according to medical authorities, is a very serious threat to the health of Americans. Wax shell enters the fetus in the protective layer that prevents loss of water and juice, preserves product flavor and freshness. But this layer causes great harm to the health. Eating fruit, we get something like a wax, which can not be metabolized by the body. Paraffin – a product of oil refining, and in our body there is no body, not excluding liver, which could rework it.

Dangerous wax deposits in the body. So doctors have reason to worry. Many new diseases have appeared in America with the launch of food products treated with commercial interests. We must not leave the wax in our body wax, bearing the disease. In my opinion, 24, 36, hour-long sessions of starvation and longer periods of starvation within a year to help rid the body of this dangerous product.

Keep in mind that during starvation a large number of released vital energy produces a tremendous job in cleaning the body!

New powerful poisons invading your food

More than a thousand synthetic food additives included in the national diet, which is largely “provides” us a great number of diseases. For many years, our diet has been overloaded allegedly “harmless” supplements that were dangerous for your health. Nevertheless, many of them are still used.

Take a loaf of commercial white bread, it has been processed, bleached, tinted, enriched, purified, softened, canned, flavored. And all this with the use of synthetic chemical ingredients. Now it is almost impossible to buy bread, 100% of wheat flour whole meal, free from fragrance and synthetic food additives.

The human body – a collection of individual cells, and no more. If you normally eat, if your food meets the basic needs of growth and function, these cells will live 120 years or more. But when a person is not considered by their bodies, breathing the dirty stinking air, its cells, respectively, react to it, and man is sent to a hospital bed or at the cemetery. When it contaminates their food and change its composition synthetic with chemicals, it inevitably damages the body’s cells, they begin to function poorly because they can not adapt to these substances.

As the body can work well if it is loaded with synthetic supplements? The only advice boils down to, to eat food close as possible to natural products, try to avoid chemically treated products. Eat more natural foods, which just may get. Carefully read the labels on products that you buy! Ask questions in the shop about every food that interests you, even write to food manufacturers and ask them a full analysis of goods sold.

For 24-36 hours of fasting, you can get rid of most commercial poison. If you feel that you already can not handle, spend seven to a ten-day starvation, thoroughly clean the organism. You will be shocked at how many toxic substances was in your food. Remember that commercial interests have nothing to do with interest in your life and health. When you starve vital energy performs cleaning work in your body. The organism is self-cleaning, samolechitsya and self-healing. When you stop eating, your body there are wonderful things!

If you want to keep the body clean, you have to starve!

Try to go hungry a few times, you feel what had never before felt – internal cleansing, which leads you into The health!

Sol. What you learn about this simple product, rather surprise you!

Will you for the condiments to the food use of sodium, which in water is transformed into a caustic lye? Or chlorine, highly poisonous gas? “Funny question – you say – No sane person will not do it.”

Of course not. But the amazing truth is that most people act this way because they do not know that these highly active agents form an inorganic crystalline substance known as salt.

For centuries, the expression “salt of the earth” used to mean something good and important. Nothing is more erroneous. After all, this dangerous product that you add to his food every day, undermines the health. Let’s look at the facts:

1. Salt – it’s not food! Justification for its use in cooking any more than to use potassium chloride, calcium chloride, barium, or any other reagents, taken from the pharmacy shelves.

2. Salt is not digested, is not absorbed by the body. It has no nutritional value. Salt does not contain vitamins, organic, and any nutrient. On the contrary, it is harmful and can bring a lot of trouble to the kidneys, gall bladder and bladder, heart, arteries and other blood vessels. Salt can dehydrate the tissue, leading them to the breaking point.

3. Salt can be toxic to the heart. It also increases the excitability of the nervous system.

4. Salt promotes leaching of calcium from the body and affects the lining that covers the entire gastrointestinal tract.

If the salt is so harmful to the body, why is it so widely used? Mainly because salt diet was a habit ingrained over the centuries. But this habit is based on a serious misunderstanding. Prejudice is alleged that the salt is needed by the body. However, many nations, such as Eskimos never eat salt, and do not suffer from this. In humans, getting rid of this habit, the salt causes a feeling similar to what causes a cigarette from a man who had never smoked. For some species the salt is an absolute poison, especially for poultry. It is also known that pigs die from her large doses.

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