Facts About Anteater

Facts about Anteater.

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Anteaters are  animals that live in tropical America. One amazing fact about anteaters is that they don’t have teeth. There is also a giant anteater which is about the size of a dog. Anteaters have course hair with a white-edge stripe along its back. They eat termites and other small insects. Along with this, they have long, tube like noses like that of pig’s. Their long tongue pops out of the snout for them to gather termites. Aside from these, they have long, sharp claws to help the, uncover termite nests and fight their enemies.

Anteaters are mammals and their babies stay close with their mothers until they are old enough to live by themselves. Some kinds of anteaters live on the ground sand have their claws for protection. Other smaller ones live in trees and have prehensile tails like that of monkey’s in order for them to swing from branch to branch as they look for food. They also have sticky saliva on the tongue which is helpful for them to capture insects. Most of the true anteaters can be found from Central and South America.

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    wow I think it’s cute

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    do you know anything about the anteater’s body systems?respiratory and circulatory?

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