Faces of Human Ancestors

Faces of Human Ancestors.

Once, the human species first appeared in Africa and then spread to all corners of the Earth. In its spread, the evolutionary process takes place to adjust to homes and lifestyles.

There are a variety of fossils of human ancestors found ancient human alias. However,many of the discoveries was not accompanied with a picture of an actual ancient humanface. As a result, people today have a hard time imagining their ancestors.

An exhibition in Dresden, Germany, the recent attempt to present the face of early humansmore realistic. Scientists who were involved using a computer digitizing technique todescribe the 27 faces are reconstructed based on the ancient human fossils were found.

One depicted is Sahelanthropus tchadensis. The species is the most ancient human species, lived 7 million years ago, before humans and chimpanzees are geneticallyseparated based on the theory of evolution.

Another species is Homo rudolfensis which lived 2 million years ago. Based on the resultsof reconstruction, this species has a jaw width, short nose, the eyes are relatively narrow,and a small forehead.

Not to forget also Homo erectus who lived a million years ago. One theory is that this species originated from Africa, then migrated to India, China, and Java. Another theory states that this species originated from Asia and moved to Africa.

There is also Homo neanderthalensis which is thought closest relatives of Homo sapiens,modern man. This species lived about 60,000 years ago. Some studies reveal that modern humans ever marry this species.

There are many versions about the origin of humans. The theory of ”Out of Africa” is the most powerful, but many are also equal. This exhibition seeks to introduce the excavation site in Africa and the results of research archaeologists in a much more interesting.

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