Extremely Bizarre and Weird Lizards

Some reptile species are simply colorful and beautiful and some are extremely unique and bizarre.

You have already seen some of the most unusual-looking reptiles in the article “Weirdest and Bizarre Reptiles in the World”. It’s time to see extremely weird and bizarre lizard species.

1.) Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus sikorae)

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The Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko is an awful-looking lizard species native to Madagascar. Like many lizards, it is capable of changing color to match its surroundings. This nocturnal and arboreal creature is threatened due to habitat loss and over collection. It can grow up to 20 cm in length excluding its tail.

2.) Giant Spiny-tailed Lizard (Cordylus giganteus)

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The freak-looking Giant Spiny-tailed Lizard, more commonly known as Sungazer, is a large girdled lizard species that can be found in Africa. It was commonly named Sungazer due to its habit of sitting at the burrow and facing the sun. This lizard is also a threatened species due to destruction of habitat and over-collection. It is also commonly known as Giant Zonure and Giant Girdled Lizard.

3.) Philippine Sailfin Lizard (Hydrosaurus pustulatus)

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Yes, the Philippine Sailfin Lizard looks absolutely bizarre. It can only be found in the island country of the Philippines. This weird-looking lizard, which is an excellent swimmer, feeds on fruits, flowers, leaves, insects and small animals. Aside from its very unusual appearance, the Philippine Sailfin Lizard can “run across water” because it has flattened toes. It can be found usually near bodies of water.

4.) Emperor Flat Lizard (Platysaurus imperator)

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Have you seen a lizard that looks like a frog? Well, it is right in front of you, the Emperor Flat Lizard. This bizarre-looking lizard species is the largest of its kind growing up to 146 mm in length. It can be found in the savannas of Mozambique and Zimbabwe inhabiting top of boulders on hills.

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    I don’t like reptile. However you have done your job well.

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    lovely pictures.

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    Scary pictures but well-written… Great post.

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    extremely bizarre indeed!

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