Exotic Animals Near Extinction

These creatures that you have probably never seen will soon be gone!

Many animals around the globe are on or near the extinction list. Some are adorable like the Polar bear and some are not such as the Hooded Seal. But no matter how they look, there presents is needed to help function the full potential of life on earth. It’s time that the extinction list was pointed to a category that is not normal; the exotic creatures.

Giant Coconut Crab

This giant but friendly coconut crab is not harmful to humans at all, they mainly climb coconut trees and can  easily slice it in half by one slash. These Giant Coconut Crabs mainly live on Pacific Islands and are near extinction because of tropical habitat destruction. And you would think that they could just move to the sea but for these crabs, unfortunately, they cannot swim. There breathing source is between gills and lungs and it has evolved to the point where the gills can not give the correct amount of oxygen when submerged in water.

Image by whologwhy via Flickr


Mexican Walking Fish

This “fish” is actually a salamander and is closely related to frogs. The fish can walk on land or on the sea bed and spend most of there time perched on land. And if anything were to go wrong with a limb, it would grow back just like a star fish would. As the name of the creature gives the location away, it can easily be found in Mexico.

Glass Frog

It’s known to be said that we are beautiful on the inside and out, however, this little guy has changed the meaning of that. The Glass Frog is only beautiful on the inside because it’s skin is clear, letting the organs inside become visibly seen.

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