Eresus Moravicus

About new kind of spider.

Stepník Moravian – male

The discoverer of a new kind of spider is
arachnolog Milan Rezac from the Research Institute of Crop Production in Prague.

Stepník Moravian – female

This species is stepníka youth to no difference between male and female, unlike adults. The female has shorter legs than the males, lives in burrows, which consist of a tubular vertically oriented corridors strewn with delicate spider’s web and the rest of his life than males, the female who travels and, paradoxically at a time when her travels are less aggressive and less poison. Nora is around 10 cm long and top-web-covered roof. Canopy is completely covered with debris from the area, so it is not easy to detect. Spider runs out for prey, when it gets to the roof and dreams. The female measures about 32.5 cm with legs outstretched adults are characterized by an orange stain on the head of female and male at the bottom. The venom of this spider can affect the human body, especially the so-called phospholipases that cause neurotoxic which is not as usual, and its venom is related to some poison snakes. As the discoverer:I therefore stepník repeatedly bit and the course was always the same. When it was my finger for example, initially appeared only pain in the finger, but as the poison spread, the pain progressed to the lymph nodes, then there was such a feverish state in which I flushed face, a very accelerated rate, I felt pressure in the head and the condition persisted 1-2 hours. rest of the day still hurts the head. These symptoms can be observed but in a healthy strong man, what are the consequences for the child bites stepníka or a sick person, do not know. What is certain is that example 1 related species living in Turkey caused the death of a child. “

Moravian is not only in South Moravia in the Czech Republic but also the Slovak Republic, northeastern Austria and Hungary

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