Your Body is Electric– How Electromagnetic Fields From Cell Phones, Wireless Devices Interact with Your Body’s Nervous System

A concern that shows up periodically in the news, and again lately, is the question whether cell phone radiation can cause cancer. To even be able to conceive how this could happen, we need to grasp a basic understanding of how the human body functions as well as what electromagnetic fields are.

            Your body is electric. Your body functions because your brain communicates with every cell through the vast web of nerves that reach every nook and cranny of your body. Tiny electrical impulses (only about eight to twenty hertz) are sent out by your brain to ride the rails of your nervous system. What happens when other electromagnetic fields (EMF) are absorbed by your body as the waves surge through our atmosphere, uncontained by wires, as they do for cell phones and other wireless technologies?

A January 10, 2010 article on MSNBC, “Is ‘Electrosmog’ Harming Our Health?” explains it this way:

Keep in mind that all the cells in your body, whether islets in the pancreas awaiting a signal to manufacture insulin or white blood cells speeding to the site of an injury, use electricity—or “electron change”— to communicate with each other.

By overlapping the body’s signaling mechanisms, could transients [electromagnetic fields] interfere with the secretion of insulin, drown out the call-and-response of the immune system, and cause other physical havoc?

In short, yes—that’s exactly what the emerging body of research (and some long-hidden) is showing.

EMF radiate from everything that runs on electrical signals. The concerns have increased because the advent of wireless technology has increased the Earth’s exposure to EMF exponentially, and the terms “electrosmog” and “electropollution” have been coined to describe it. Cell phone use in the U.S. rose from 110 million users in 2000 to 270 million in 2008.  Add the new multi-purpose handheld units that require much more power and the layer of signals from Wi-Fi. Has this astounding increase of invisible information-carrying waves in our atmosphere made any impact on our world and us?

For a long time, scientists and the general public alike believed the answer was no. The signals used for radar and communication technologies were from the part of the EMF spectrum that are nonionizing, and therefore believed to be harmless. The concern was once about the thermal effects, such as we see in microwave ovens, but the idea that there could be nonthermal effects from the frequencies we now use for wireless technology wasn’t a conceivable thought then. (For more technical information on the science behind this issue, check out to read papers written directly by the leading international researchers on the topic.) 

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