Wonders of Science

Giving wonders of science.

We celebrate February 28 every year as National Science Day.Presentisanage of science and technology.If the ancestors to visit our hightech  would they will become wonder struck.Science has extended it is a saluting hands in every way so filter,transport,curing dangerous,discoveries,domestic life,etc.New so discoveries comes everyday.We now,passing through an age of information revolution. A doctor who is sitting in washing to n can assist or direct in an entangling high tech going operation which is going on any distant part to the Wolfy through Internet.Cloning,another achievement of man has proved his ability to produce specie unnaturally.The space photos of NASA widen-our concepts about celestial bodies.Mainstreaming to Migrate to moon or mars.Researches are going on to find out how to meet the energy crisis in the even to en exhaustion of conventional sources of energy.Inventions in the fields of producing high yield seeds,fertilizers,animal husbandry,computer application in production technologies are some of the wonders of science.Inventions in defence field is going in an improportonal margin.”Science has given man power equal to that of God”.In brief,there is no activity inaffected  by science.If man can make use of science for peaceful means,we can enjoy the blessings equal to that of heaven.

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