Why Frogs are Important to Environment and Ecosystems

Frogs are important in keeping balance to the ecosystem.

Why native frogs are important in local ecologic systems?

There are quite a few reasons why native frogs are important to local ecology’s. Frogs control populations of a variety of insects and other invertebrates. They also let scientists, researchers, and people know when something is wrong with the environment. If the air,water or food in the frog’s environment is polluted, they will show signs of abnormalities in their offspring. This process shows that frogs are an indicator species.

Many amphibians are used as an indicator of ecosystem restoration. Just in the past decade, about 165 species of frogs have become extinct. Frogs help to keep the ecosystem balanced. It is man’s lifestyle that plays a part in harming the ecosystem and the Earth. Frogs can interact with other organisms in their environment, and they also filter the water they live in. An ecosystem is a very complex system, with water being one of the most important components. Frogs that live in freshwater ecosystems can help determine the quality of the water. Researchers can determine the quality of the water by looking at the health of the frogs.

Chemicals that affect the water are taking a toll on frog’s health, and it can be seen in their young. Many offspring may have deformities of their limbs. Some chemicals that are causing these changes to the ecosystem are herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers. This problem can be corrected by using 100 percent all-natural chemicals that are made from plants. Environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more popular today. That is because they do not cause harmful effects on the ecosystems and the environment. Pollutants cause toxic chemicals to interfere and cause problems.

With some species of frogs facing extinction, this can certainly affect the ecosystem. Tadpoles play a major rolein keeping the algae at the base of the food-chain continuously productive. The ecosystem is more productive when the tadpoles are present, but when they decline, the ecosystem suffers a loss in production.

Frogs can be found along the banks of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. They are very diverse and amazing creatures. There is a variety of organisms that greatly depend on the algae produced by tadpoles and frogs as a food resource and for survival. When there is a break in the food-chain, then there will be a decline in organisms and the ecosystem itself. That is why raising awareness of environmental issues remains a very important concern today. Protecting frog populations is extremely important.

English: A Blue Starfish (Linckia laevigata) resting on hard Acropora coral. Lighthouse, Ribbon Reefs, Great Barrier Reef (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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