Ways to Create a Sustainable Food Truck Company

The food truck industry is changing. Many people across the United States are turning to a healthier and more sustainable way of eating.

The food truck industry is changing.  Many people across the United States are turning to a healthier and more sustainable way of eating.  If you are starting a new food truck business or looking to give your old business a facelift and new branding, taking steps to join the sustainable food movement will not only improve the quality of the food you serve it will also improve the image of your brand.  Like any business decision you need to educate yourself about your options before jumping in.  It may seem overwhelming at first when you think about converting your business or starting a new sustainable food truck company, but these are a few steps you can take to move your business toward a more Eco friendly goal.

Thinking about where the products you are selling come from is the first step you can take toward making your food truck more sustainable.  When you are looking for a supplier, to buy your raw food materials from, think about contacting local farmers.  Going directly to the source can sometimes save you money and will always ensure that your ingredients are fresh.  You may not be able to buy all your products from a local farm but the more local food you buy the more sustainable your food truck business will become.  Supporting organic farms and farms that raise grass fed and free range animals will be good for business.  The food you sell at your truck is not the only products you can change to make your food truck business more sustainable.  The containers you provide to your customers are a major source of trash.  Choosing containers made from recycled materials instead of traditional Styrofoam will decrease the negative impact your company makes on the environment.  Some companies have even started selling disposable cups, plates, and cutlery, made from a corn bi-product that easily breaks down in a landfill. 

Since you are operating a restaurant on wheels, developing and encouraging your drivers to adopt fuel efficient driving practices will decrease the amount of fuel needed to run your truck and ultimately save you money.  You also might be unaware of the fact that your truck is actually producing a product that is coveted by fuel companies.  The oil you use in your fry station can be converted to sustainable bio fuel.  There are companies across the United States who will pick up your used food oil and take it away free of charge.  These companies convert the oil into fuel that can be used in bio fuel vehicles.  The cleaners you use in your sustainable food truck business should also be eco-friendly products. 

Instituting policies and educating your employees is an integral part of maintaining a sustainable food truck business.  If your employees are fully educated about the benefits of sustainable business practices and the resources available they will be better prepared to deliver you message to customers.  Plan a team building day trip to the farm you are getting your food from.  Establish a well-defined recycling policy and include signage on your truck that encourages your customers to recycle as well. 

These and many other choices will help make your food truck business more sustainable.  Do not get overwhelmed by the amount of information available and do not think you need to convert your business all at once.  Slowly institute sustainable business policies and before you know if you will be running an Eco friendly food truck business.

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