Water Crisis Will Hit by 2025

Water crisis may become, in urmatoarel decades, the biggest problem that humankind has ever faced, researchers announced at the International Water Management Institute, quoted by Russian newspaper, Pravda.

Water crisis will hit by 2025

    According to UN statistics, world population will grow from 6 billion people in 200o, almost 9 billion in 2030. One person from a developed country can consume up to 3000 cubic meters of water in one year, but due to population growth and to meet the demand for water will need to identify sources of at least 2,000 cubic kilometers of water, researchers announce. 

“Water consumption has increased six times in the last century, and will double by 2050. Already there are countries who finished drinking water supplies and prices for such products are rising fast, “said Frank Rijsberman, director of the International Water Management Institute. 

Results of studies show that Earth’s fresh water reserves are insufficient to supply entire population of Earth. Experts are already on alert and say that measures to improve water crisis must be taken immediately. The list of these proposed measures include rainwater and huge tanks, the water will be used for irrigation of agricultural fields and greenhouses. 

An additional problem, scientists believe, is the pollution of drinking water and deforestation.”Deforestation is a very dangerous factor in this critical moment. Flora is inseparable from the movement of water, while water can be found in a place where flora was destroyed “, concludes the same Rijsberman. 

researchers have made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to the press and a brief list of countries where the water crisis is already being felt a large proportion of the population. In such areas, the only solution is to use polluted water, which can lead to strong outbreaks of infectious diseases: Sudan (12.4 million people affected), Iran – 5.6 million, Venezuela – 5000000 Syria – 3.8 million, Zimbabwe – 2.7 million, Tunisia – and Cuba 2.1 million – 1.2 million. 

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